Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live – Learn - Laugh

Flowers come in so many shapes, sizes and colours. I really enjoy watching them grow from a tiny green sprout into a small plant before a bud appears to open in the warmth of the sun, to share its beauty with the world.

These purply-blue flowers are no exception. The one thing that I really like about these flowers is that they are very small. They don’t shout to the world that they are there, they are just there, calmly existing for their own satisfaction, not caring if anyone notices them.

I noticed them – LOL!!! While I was taking these photos, I imagined that I was as small as a bug, crawling through this low canopy of leaves, with these flowers towering over my head like a god. Again, funny little comic strip scenes were being created in my brain to tell the story of this small bug and the super-huge flowers – ha!

With all of the distractions that we all face everyday – alarm clocks, commuter traffic, half hour long weather reports that are always wrong – it is important to give yourself a few moments of peace. My moments of peace are when I’m on my hands and knees either digging in the dirt or crawling around with my camera, looking for beauty in quite places that most people never see.

Learning about life through working with the plants and flowers in my garden is a very rewarding love of mine… even when my experiments fail or I do things that make me say “D’oh!”

The small flowers, above, are very hearty in my backyard. About half of my lawn is filled with these flowers. I hope to have some time to dig a lot of them out to transplant into other areas. Now – last fall I spent about $10.00 on bulb flowers and I was very excited when I went home to plant them. A few weeks ago, I noticed that they were starting to grow. Okay – here’s the moment of “D’oh!”. Last evening, Joanne and I were looking at the progress of our garden and I pointed out the bulbs that I had planted last fall. Joanne took a closer look and told me that I had spent money buying bulbs of the exact same flower that we have a million of already, in our lawn. She pointed at me and laughed, while I shook my head and smiled. I felt like a little bit of an idiot and just then I began wishing that I was that little bug crawling across my garden floor.


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