Friday, April 16, 2010

Guerrilla Gardening – Attack #2

There sure was a lot of eco-light activities happening in London, Ontario, last Sunday afternoon. After I had spent an hour or so enjoying the crowds – not cars – in the downtown core (see last blog entry) I made my way to a different sort of gathering.

Last year I joined a Facebook group called ‘Lightworkers’. There are Lightworkers groups in many cities across Canada and around the world. Those involved in these groups are peaceful, happy people who want to share a lot of love with the world. I have met a few of those who attended, before, and I was glad to meet many new faces. Some of those who attended had traveled from Windsor, Bayfield and even Burlington.

I was planning on creating my second guerrilla gardening (link to first story - art attack later that afternoon so I had asked a few other Lightworkers to join me. I could see that a few people would have liked to join me, but that would have meant them leaving this gathering. I went home alone.

While I was preparing all of the Day Lily tubers for my art attack I began to think that if I went back to the gathering near the end of the event that I might be able to convince some ‘fence sitters’ to join me. I really, really did not want to go guerrilla gardening on my own anymore. It was too much fun not to share this experience!

I was hoping that one or two people would join me and I was pleasantly surprised to find that seven others wanted to participate. I told them where the area of attack was going to be and we made plans to meet there. If you look closely at this photo you will notice that two people are standing inside the area of attack. Let’s see who it is…

Oh! It’s Carolyn and Bob. They look armed and dangerous and ready for action!!!

Glory be!!! It’s Shawn, Kim, Ingrid and Jessica and with me that makes seven!!!!

I shared details with everyone as to how we would create a peace symbol using the Day Lilies.

Some of us prepared the lilies for the planters.

Some of us dug the holes while others did the planting.

And then we all got busy…

We all had a great time!! We shared inspirational stories with each other, we slipped on the grass and tumbled down the hill a few times…

…and we all smiled, thinking about the over 100 000 people who would see our flowers this summer! I smiled the most!!!

When we were finished, Bob walked to the top of the hill to call upon The Flower Spirits…

…to ask for protection for our lilies as they grow and flourish!

Someone got the bright idea that we should all lay down inside the ‘peace of flowers’ to take a group photo. We were hoping that our bodies would be able to take the shape of the symbol… but instead it just looks like a bunch of weirdos laying around on a hillside – LOL!!!! Ha! If you look closely, though, you can see the formation of parts of the outside circle with the straight centre line and the two 45 degree angle lines.

Then, it was back to our cars to carefully balance my camera on a car hood to take this group photo. Lorraine joined us for this photo. She was our long distance supervisor. It would have been difficult for her to help us on that slippery slope so Lorraine watched from a distance.

+ + + +

The people who now devote their lives to healing the environment are ordinary people like you and me, who have a keenly developed sense of right and wrong and the courage to stand by their convictions.

They are not people who go looking for a fight, but they stand up to injustice when they are confronted by it.

Let us take from these examples of human spirit and will and begin a process of change: first in ourselves, then in our friends and neighbours, then in our communities and finally in the world.

It is not as difficult as is seems, once you look at the changing mindsets of our society as a chain reaction, similar to the piling of grains of sand to form rising structures of interconnectedness.

As sand is poured, grain by grain, on a table to form a pile that grows higher, we can witness the change of the whole pile as individual grains fall on top. Sometimes, a single grain of sand triggers a little avalanche of change. Less frequently, larger avalanches occur – again, they are triggered by a single grain of sand.

With this example we can be assured that the weight of the world is not on individual shoulders, but dispersed evenly, among everything living.
It does not seem, then, too far out of our reach to bring everyone together to add their peace of the world to the whole.

Let us hope that these peaces are pure and clean and then after the world has been put back together, we can give it freely and wholeheartedly to our children – the rightful heirs of this planet!

Thank you, Lightworkers of Southern Ontario, for encouraging me and helping me to bring a vision for this world to life.



Shawn Jason said...

This day was super fun and going out planting flowers after the gathering helped make this day even more amazing :) Thanks Jim.

For those interested in knowing more about the Lightworkers of Ontario Canada group... join us on facebook...

Lots of Love to ALL! ♥

ies said...

wow, what an amazing day! the energies were vibing on such a great frequency, everything seemed brighter! the laughter sounded louder, and the smiles looked to be bigger! i so thrilled to h ave been a part of this event and really look forward to the next one, and the one after that, and after that, and so on... until then, peace.

p.s. peaceman, nicely done, thanks!

EarthObSeSsIoN said...

Hey Jim, WOW that was an awesome post!! And such an Amazing Day!! From the No Cars Day to the Lightworkers Gathering to Grerrilla Gardening.. Thanks to all who were there for Making it Happen :) And special thanks to Jim for coming back to get us :))

To everyone who sees this post - You gotta Try Guerrilla Gardening!!! It's so much fun!

If you are lookin to connect with other EarthFriends, Please check out and join :)

Rishika Subagh said...

Loved it =-)

Heidi said...

Hey Jim
It seemed like an amazing day. I could feel the wonderful energies just by reading your article :-)
Lightworkers are important to the entire world and the light you all give to the world are like ripples in a pond :-)
Lots of love to all of you


Spiritual authour of the book called "Ask God" - the heart to heart connection with God.

Goodwill Ambassador as well as chair in THESSEN for Humnaity in the area of "Women and children - living in Poverty" -

michele said...

So wonderful Jim (and company). Every little bit counts. I love these original ideas. "Come Together..." Keep it up :) Together we will make a difference.

S.E.Ingraham said...

Looks like peace is growing everywhere you go - happy planting; an excellent post and wonderful pics to go with