Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hypnotized By Peace

You are feeling very relaxed.

Thoughts of peace

are entering your mind.

Your eyes are opening.

Your heart is expanding.

A gentle calm

is washing through your soul.

Colours look brighter.

Sounds are clearer.

You feel a connection

growing inside of you

linking you to all the people of the world

all the animals of the world

all the vegetation of the world

all the air of the world

all the water of the world

and all the fire of the world.

You are understanding

that you have a reason

you have a purpose

and that you are a solution.

You are a warrior

with the light of the universe

within you.

Your path

is yours alone

but you are never alone.

The spirits of peace

light your way during your darkest hour

so that you can light the way

for others during their darkest hour.

You are inspiration.

You are motivation.

You are dedication.

You are peace.


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robotix said...

What awesome kids! Enjoyed this post a lot :) Thankyou.