Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Before The Finale

I’m sooooo excited to share these next two stories with you!!! My living room wall mural project is finally finished! My next story will talk about where the idea for the design came from and how it evolved into the finished painting, and this story will not.

First, since it’s been over four months since my first story about this project, I thought I’d suggest that we all read that story by linking… here - http://bitsandpeaces08.blogspot.com/2010/02/making-our-house-home.html.

Since the first story talked about the textures that were created for the sun in this painting, I am now going to share the story of the texture that was created for the planets…

… the sun was finished – and it took forever!!! – so when I began thinking about the texture that I would use to paint the planets I tried to think of anything that would be quicker than the time it took to paint the sun!

I had to create a texture that would compliment the other few textures, as well. So, I decided that if I started with a simple wiggly line, but branched at one point so that a ‘Y’ shape is formed, and just painted more wiggly lines…

…in contour with the first one…

…that eventually the space will be filled and it would look nice!

And I was correct… in a certain way. The smaller planets did fill in rather quickly, but – Man oh man! – the last two planets took me a very long time.

I’ve had many people make the comment that the planets look like humongous fingerprints and I thought one step farther and suggested that they were the Big Guy’s fingerprints, as He was the creator of all the planets!

+ + + +

One day, Joanne leaned over the couch that I sit behind as I’m painting my picture and she asks, “What R U doing?” and I reply, “I’m getting vaywee dizzy!” And then we chat about the lines and all that stuff and I ask her to tell me what she feels when she looks at the lines. She tilts her head and looks and then replies, “It makes me vaywee dizzy, too! My eyes hurt!” And then she leaves the room…



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