Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More… ‘Lighter Side of Doomsday’

Yup! We sure do live in a crazy mixed up world. I can remember back to the days when I was first becoming aware of the world’s troubles. Topics like ‘The Amazon Rainforest Desertification’, ‘35, 000 Children Starving Every Single Day’, ‘Holes in the Ozone Layer’, ‘Rising Sea Levels’ and so many related others made me shudder with confusion. I just couldn’t believe that the ‘state of humanity’ and the Natural world was/is in such a terrible crisis.

In the beginning, I felt a mixed feeling of hatred for past generations for being so blind while the troubles left for my generation grew and grew. I quickly came to realize that blaming others only distracted me from focusing on practical solutions – like inspiring others to wake up to our true reality and destiny as a human race.

I found comfort in the music that I listened to as I realized that these musicians were storytellers, filling our hearts with truths and inspiration to be strong and courageous as we question ‘standards’ and build better ones for future generations.

I found comfort in the comedy shows on television as I realized that these jokers were storytellers, filling our minds with truths and inspiration as we question the consequences of our actions so that we can change for the sake of future generations.

I find comfort when I share some of these ideas with you…

I’m going to end this blog entry with a short poem that I wrote a few years ago, while I was living in Nova Scotia. Since the ‘meat’ of this entry is mostly constructed using other people’s ideas, I thought that it would be fitting to add a few of my own…


We’ve now become conscious of our evolution
We can judge for ourselves
Right from wrong

We can see the difference between
Pollution and solution
We’re embracing our future
With more than just song

April, 2004


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Timguldentops said...

most of these cartoons are spot on, unfortunately :/