Friday, October 21, 2011

A Turtle’s Great Adventure

I love turtles! They are a most beautiful and unique animal and they bring joy to so many people’s lives. I will be sharing a few ‘turtley’ blogs over the next little while and I’m very excited to jump right into this one…

The Peacebus just finished its first art competition of the year and it was a great success. I had a lot of fun and I know that the students did too!

The subject of this competition was… turtles!!!! All of the artworks were amazing, but I’m going to focus on just one group of art creations for this story.

Ava is a student in grade 4. She has been one of my star artists since the beginning of the school year. During this competition she became a ‘Turtle Art Monster’ – LOL – creating close to 25 unique artworks!!! Way to go, Ava!

Yesterday, after I had arrived home after my morning bus runs, Joanne and I spent the morning looking at all of Ava’s drawings. As we were enjoying them, I began to shuffle the drawings around, organizing them in a way. While I was doing this a story began forming in my mind. It was a spontaneous moment of inspiration.

Three hours later, I had completed writing my first ever book, using Ava’s drawings as my inspiration.

Later that evening, I went to a local printing centre and one hour later ‘A Turtle’s Great Adventure’ was complete. I made three copies: 1 copy for me to read to my soon to be born son, 1 copy for Ava and 1 copy for Ava’s school.

Just an hour ago, I went to visit Ava’s principal, to show her our book. I asked the principal to visit Ava’s classroom to present this book to her teacher. This will be such a delightful surprise because Ava does not know – yet – what I have done with her artworks. I can’t wait to see her smiling face at the end of today!!!!

So… with no further adieu… I am honoured to share with all of you….

Wasn’t that a great read?!!!

I’ll be sharing this book with my son many many times over the next few years and I’m sure that he will enjoy this story too!

If you would like to find out what other kind of ‘turtley’ adventures I’m involved in then I will ask you to join my first Facebook group – Turtle Book Ink!!/groups/turtlebookink/

Until next time… have a turtley day y’all!!!!

Mr. Jim

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