Friday, December 16, 2011

Creations for History

Over the last several months, my Peacebus art files have been spilling over the brim with bright colours and inspirational designs. I thought that it would be fun to share these art creations by placing them throughout a poem I wrote over 12 years ago…

Creation For History… With The Eyes Of Tomorrow

Now that this peace has been done,

I pause and reflect on how it had begun.

The hours spent labouring vanish away

And I’m back in time on that fateful day

When an idea, a flash, an inspiration was

Ignited in my mind

And the wheels of imagination churned to find

The ways, the means, the tools to be used

And random thoughts were congealed and fused

To structure this creation.

A blueprint was made to capture the essence

And through this process I felt the final presence,

But exactly what it was to be

Was still not yet made clear to me

Or you

So the work began unhindered.

There was nothing stopping us from seeing this through.

First the materials needed were all place together

And the beginning peaces were laid down,

Each made to measure.

Then one by one we united as a team

And this creation, steady and sure, came into being.

Do you remember the expression that we shared

When we realized that we shared the same dream?

To bring forth this creation for history

Was not as difficult as, at first, it seemed!


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