Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Artist United!!!!

…Against the Mega-Quarry!

Over the last year, I’ve shared four stories about an issue of great concern for me and for tens of thousands of other Ontarians…

An American company stole into the beautiful hills of Melancthon Township, lied to farmers as they gobbled up precious agricultural land. Their intent – build North America’s second largest open-pit mine!

This mine could be deeper than Niagara Falls is high and it could achieve a size equivalent to 1/3 the size of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area – including Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Brampton…).

Five major rivers that traverse the landscapes from this region to Lake Ontario are in jeopardy of being polluted with heavy waters created by the residual left behind from daily blasting of nearly 20 tonnes of explosives.

300 heavy hauler trucks an hour (!!!!) are expected to be destroying all the roadways in this region as limestone and gravel is exported south of our border.

Boy! I’ll bet that the Highlands Co. is sure surprised that in less than one year we stupid red-neck hicks have been able to organize in all levels of government to protest their desires!

To read in more detail about this issue please link to this story – http://bitsandpeaces08.blogspot.com/2011/06/dufferin-county-jobs-and-destruction.html

To read about how people have come together to petition this irresponsible aggression – http://bitsandpeaces08.blogspot.com/2011/10/foodstock.html

Today, I simply wanted to let you know about another event that is scheduled to happen in just a few days…

This flyer may be a little difficult to read so here are the points of interest…

Where – Studio 5 – 1362 Bathurst Street – just south of St. Clair West – Toronto

When – Opening Friday February 3rd – 6:00-9:00pm and Saturday February 4th – 11:00am – 5:00pm

Sandi Wong is the artist responsible (in part she always reminds us) for organizing this wonderful display of colourful landscapes, created by many concerned artists and I want to thank her for this amazing effort! Although I will not be able to attend this event, I am busying myself and my paints to create some new originals that I will be showcasing at other upcoming events.

But that’s another story….


PS – If you attend, please have a great time and return to this blog and post a comment sharing your experiences at this unique and noteworthy event! Thanks!!!

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