Thursday, April 30, 2009

Earth, Moon and Sun

Last Saturday was very busy for me. My last blog entry told of my adventures with colourful chalk art designs with children. That short event ended at 11:00am. Just after that time, I went home for a very quick lunch, picked up both Taylor and Chris and then we made our way to the Lion’s Artisans Community Centre for the afternoon. I was told to expect up to six students for this class, but only one other showed up. That was just fine, as we all had a great time!!!

I began the class with my usual chat about the importance of environmental conservation and the importance of art in our world. Then I got out my guitar and we all worked together to create a simple song about peace.

Before the painting begins, we all talk about what it is we are going to paint, what colours we’re going to use and how we’re going to create texture using different brush stroke techniques. Then the painting begins….

I usually take about fifteen photos during the class, so I can select the really nice ones to email to all the students – as I’m sure that their parents will really enjoy them. These are my favourite photos from this class…

As you can see, I like to take fun photos as well. I took this photo of Chris, through Taylor’s arm. I had to hold her hair out of the way and everyone was laughing while I was getting into position to take this photo.

Chris and I usually work on one canvas together. He does most of the work, so I let him keep the finished artwork. I use the canvas to demonstrate painting techniques. It’s so much easier to know what I’m trying to teach when the students can actually see me applying the paint with the desired brushstroke. Every once in a while, Chris is busy cleaning some brushes so I get a chance to spend a few moments continuing to paint this canvas. I find that the students always enjoy when I am a part of their group – instead of someone who just tells them what to do.

This class went by very quickly, for all of us, and soon it was time to get another artist, that was in the centre, to come and take our group photo.

Since Taylor lives right across the street from me, and since she was so proud of her painting that she showed many people, I have had many neighbours, over the last few days, tell me how impressed they are with her painting. I’m always hoping that little by little, more people will find out about these art classes so that my next efforts will attract more young faces.

So….. to further my advertising of these classes I will post the flyer again:

As you can imagine, I will be waiting with much patience until the next class. I have so much fun and the students always leave feeling so proud of their accomplishments.


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