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Kickin’ At The Darkness – Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Near the end of August, 2006, I was visiting the very northern community of Rankin Inlet in Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut, to complete that portion of my national arts project “Canada: Glorious To Be”

During my research of this community, I discovered that there was a local radio station. I brought a small collection of music CDs with me with the hopes that I might be able to volunteer to DJ for an hour or so. I met with a few of the other radio hosts and soon arrangements were made. I spent a few hours, in my hotel room, going through my selection and scripting my show. I didn’t just want to spin a couple of tunes for the locals; I wanted to share a Rock ‘n Roll story with ‘em!

I thought that you would enjoy reading the script and tune selections that I put together for that show:

Kickin’ At The Darkness
Friday, August 25th, 2006
Rankin Inlet 97.8 FM
2pm – 4pm

- Jim’s special ‘intro’ music plays
- Welcommmmmmme….. You and I are listening to CFRI 97.8FM, broadcasting to the WORLD out of beautiful Rankin Inlet, Nunavut! I’m your host, Jim, and for the next two hours you and I will be “Kickiiiinnnnnnn at - - - the darkness!” It’s time to turn your radio wwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy up as we Rock ‘n Roll and dance our way into the future. We’re gonna start this show off….
- I’m The One = 4 Non Blondes
- … with a song ‘bout love.
- Ray Of Light = Madonna
- Good News = The Waterboys
- …and we’re back. That last set of tunes started off with ‘I’m The One’ – a cover of a Van Halen tune – by 4 Non Blondes. Madonna tripped out on a ‘Ray of Light’ and the Waterboys stopped by to bring us a little ‘Good News’. We’re just gettin’ started…
- Wash My Hands = Meredith Brooks (live)
- …down here at 97.8FM. This is Meredith Brooks – and she’s kickin’ at the darkness with ‘Wash My Hands’.
- Staring At The Sun = The Offspring
- …Now! Ladies and Gentlemen – that song definitely proves that Rock ‘n Roll bangs the beat for universal peace. That was the Offspring with ‘Staring At The Sun’. If any of you – out there – enjoy Rock ‘n Roll as much as I do, then I will see you tonight – at 9:00pm – down here at the arena for… Battle of the Bands!!!!. This is going to be a performance that you don’t want to miss.
- Search For Peace = Flora Purim
- I’m slowing things wwwaaaayyyyyyy down to start off this next set. This is Flora Purim with ‘Search For Peace’.
- Life Is A Long Song = Jethro Tull (live)
- The First = Tegan and Sara
- Finishing that last set was a female duo hailing from British Columbia – Tegan and Sara – with ‘The First’, and before that was a live recording of ‘Life Is A Long Song’ by Jethro Tull. Ya know…. when I was on the plane – flying from London, Ontario – all the waaaay up here to the arctic – to visit Rankin Inlet – I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know anybody here and I had no friends… and then I landed. Since then, I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’ve made lots of friends and I feel as tho’ instead of having traveled somewhere new and different, I had a feeling of coming home.
- A Sort of Homecoming = U2
- This is U2 – with ‘A Sort of Homecoming’
- Singin’ In My Sleep = Semisonic
- Put Your Lights On = Santana w- Everlast
- Who can mistake that soulful guitar for anyone other than Carlos Santana – with vocals by Everlast and a great tune called ‘Put Your Lights On’. Before that we heard ‘Singin’ In My Sleep’ by Semisonic. Now! I believe that all Canadian radio stations should play lots and lots of Canadian music… especially if it rocks and it rolls. We’re starting off this next set with 54-40 and we’re gonna find out what it really means to ‘Pay For Living’.
- Pay For Living = 54-40
- But Anyway = Blues Traveler
- That Hypnotizin’ Boogie = David Wilcox
- And we’re back. This is CFRI radio – 97.8 on the FM dial. That last set included a live recording by Blues Traveler with ‘But Anyway’. David Wilcox – a Canadian rock legend – took us out of that set with ‘That Hypnotizin’ Boogie’. Now – any keen listeners – out there – will have noticed that I’ve been playing lots of live recordings and that is because live Rock ‘n Roll is the best Rock ‘n Roll. Tonight, I’m gonna be down here at the arena at 9:00pm to listen to some live Rock ‘n Roll with Rankin Inlet’s first ever – Battle of The Bands. I hope to see you there. Until then, I’m gonna keep spinnin’ some tunes – and we’re starting things off with another live recording by a great bunch of dudes. This is CCR with ‘Commotion’.
- Commotion = CCR
- Vigilante = The Barstool Prophets
- Hum = The Sheila Divine
- In that set of tunes we heard a great Canadian band out of Toronto – The Barstool Prophets – off of their 1997 effort with ‘Vigilante’. Finishing things off was The Sheila Divine with a great song ‘Hum’. Many of you know that I have been visiting beautiful Rankin Inlet for over a week now, and this obviously means that I have been away from my family – from down south. Yesterday, someone told me that I was looking a little ill and that I should go and see a doctor. I said to him, “I don’t need no doctor… I’ve been away to long from my baby and that’s what’s ailin’ me.”
- Don’t Need No Doctor = Ray Charles
- Yes! That was Ray Charles with ‘Don’t Need No Doctor’. I’m sending that one out to my beautiful wife, Joanne. I miss you, babe. I’ll be home soon.
- In My Life = The Beatles
- The Fab Four are gonna keep us rollin’ along here with ‘In My Life’.
- Thing of Beauty = Hothouse Flowers
- Who You Are = Smalltown Poets
- The Smalltown Poets brought us to the end of that last music mix with ‘Who You Are’. Hothouse Flowers was also sharing some inspiration with ‘Thing of Beauty’. That band is from Australia and I think that is about as far away from Rankin Inlet as a person can get. But who wants to talk about leaving – I just got here! So let’s ‘Celebrate’ – okay – let’s have some fun and Led Zeppelin’s gonna show us how.
- Celebration = Led Zeppelin
- Fireworks = The Tragically Hip
- Pearl in a Shell = Howard Jones
- WOW! You should have seen all the dust come off of that last CD case. I was diggin’ wwaaayyyyy back into my teenage years to play Howard Jones – ‘Pearl in a Shell’. But – I’m really not that old, and there are no gray hairs on my head either!! The Tragically Hip also joined us for this Rock ‘n Roll party with ‘Fireworks’. Now – I’ve seen the Hip perform a few times – actually, just two months ago, they played a show in a conservation park near Guelph, Ontario – and these guys are a band that has never lost sight of what’s really important to Rock ‘n Roll and humanity. This statement is also true for this next Canadian band. Originating out of the Kootenay region of British Columbia – this is Blackfish with ‘Close To You’.
- Close To You = Blackfish
- Now – Ladies and Gentlemen… I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure for me to share this time with you. I’d like to thank Vital, Matthew, Shirley and Mary and this station – CFRI 97.8FM, for allowing me this time to kick at the darkness with you. I’ve been your host, Jim, and I’ve got time for one last song. This is Neil Young with ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’
- Rockin’ In The Free World Neil Young
- Okay, Neil… take us home!

So…. that was my script. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you enjoyed the playlist. There were a few funny incidents that occurred during that broadcast. I’ll share those stories in my next blog entry.

Until then,


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