Friday, July 3, 2009

Peaceflowers From Around The World – Story III

Before I get into all that peaceflower stuff, I wanted to share a quick story about a peace of my art that has traveled half way around the world.

I like to give my art away to friendly people – as well as many strangers – and a few months ago I had mailed a print (of the above art) to a Facebook friend from Malaysia. Jenn Chong is a very kind and wonderful person. She is very active in many groups that try to find solutions to many hurtful problems facing many people. I was glad to send her this print to say ‘Thanks!’ for a job(s) well done/doing…

Jenn made a small photoalbum on Facebook to share my art with her friends. I thought that this was pretty neat and her friends have been leaving positive comments.

She took my artwork to this Malaysian landmark for a little visit – LOL!!!

Thanks, Jenn! I’m glad that you are liking the art – and all the other fun things – that I sent to you.

Now… on with the ‘Peaceflowers From Around The World’........

I’m very excited to say that in the last three weeks I have received nineteen peaceflowers from different places around this sexy globe of ours. That averages out to about one peaceflower every day and a quarter. That’s pretty darned impressive and I’m very grateful for all the support that this project has received from you!

Without a lot of words… let’s get to the art –

This artwork was created by a high school friend of mine – I mean… her two kids! Because of Facebook, Reema and I reconnected after the many years since high school. I now know that she also lives in London and I think that she has actually gone to see one of my art exhibits.

Janet Letkeman and I connected through Facebook. While she was drawing her peaceflower for me, her young neighbour came to visit…

… and she wanted to draw a peaceflower, too!!

In 2001-02, while Joanne and I were living in Nelson, British Columbia, I met a guy by the name of Ken. On several occasions I met and chatted with his son, Esha (who was then in high school). Esha is all grown up and he is studying at a university in Japan.

I guess that he has made at least one friend – LOL!

Kathleen and I met through Facebook. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and she takes many walks along this part of the beach. That is why she thought that her peaceflower belonged here. I agree, totally!!!!

Mary and I also met through Facebook. I’ve met over eight hundred interesting people on Facebook, in the last year. Most of these types of connections occur because we belong to a certain group. I’m connected to a few ‘peace’, ‘environment’, etc type of groups. I was super delighted to see this peaceflower from Mexico in my ‘inbox’ just last week!

Really and truly, I am being a little bit blown away by all of these artworks being sent to me by people whom I’ve never met (in person) before. I am deeply honoured.

This peace-person-flower (LOL!!!) was sent to me, however, by someone who I do now, very well. Ken and his twin brother, Jim and I have known each other since kindergarten. Ken and Jim are the two whom I’ve kept in best contact with through all the years since high school. We all chat a few times a year and we see each other every two years or so. Just last year, Ken and his wife Laura, had a beautiful baby boy and the celebrated with a wedding ceremony (I wrote a nice blog story last summer, about that event). So… Laura had a few friends over and they were chatting about my art project and since they don’t have sidewalks were they live, they came up with this idea. It took me a few moments to stop laughing when I saw this picture!!!

I’m so glad that everyone is having so much fun with this little ‘global’ art project. Thanks, so much, to everyone – for participating and sharing so many smiles…
If you would like to add your peaceflower to this collection simply email the photos to me at and let me know your name, city, province/state and country where your art was created.


PS – This will be my last blog entry for about twelve days, as Jo’ and I (and all the pets) are taking a little time off to enjoy some solitude. My first ‘holiday’ in over two years… I’m very excited!

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