Friday, January 8, 2010

Why I’m Always Poor

Joanne and I had a very quiet New Year’s Eve. Christmas saw our house full of family and so we simply wanted a bit of quiet time, on this day.

We walked to the corner store to rent a movie at around 9:00pm and were surprised to see a colourful display of fireworks being set off at nearby Boler Mountain. We assumed that they were set off at this time cuz a lot of children wouldn’t be awake to enjoy them at midnight.

The next morning, we relaxed and watched the snow fall while we warmed up with cups of tea. Joanne busied herself with the animals and I sat back to read the very first issue of Ecovox Magazine.

I am interested in this magazine for two reasons. 1- It’s a local magazine that is ‘designed to enable Londoners to gain a high awareness and understanding of local and global environmental issues and to find practical solutions’. 2- I’m in it – LOL!!!

The editor, Maryanne MacDonald and I have worked together on several local environmental projects in the past, and a few months ago she told me about this upcoming magazine. She had asked if I would like to contribute stories and artwork for Ecovox. Of course, I said yes… and now my story about the Temagami forestland (Part 1 of 7) and one of my landscape ink drawings inspired by this region of Northern Ontario fills half of page 7.

The magazine is only 12 pages long – I hear that it will be growing over the next few issues – but it is filled with many interesting stories. There are a few book reviews that highlight mostly Canadian authors who write about environmental ideals. There is a story that highlights what Londoner’s have done to raise their voice in support of global organizations such as (My face appears in two of these photos as I was a participant in this event). Hints and suggestions for living ‘lightly’ on the Earth focus on things that we can do over the winter months. Many community personalities are spotlighted for their participation in environmental activities and there is an inspiring story about how Girlguides are reusing plastic milk bags to create blankets for the homeless!

There are a few other columns in the magazine that I’ll let you find out about for yourself. Ecovox is a free magazine and it is distributed through all 16 London Library branches.

The paper that is used to produce this magazine is 100% post-consumer material. It has been processed using chlorine free methods and the printing company uses bio-gas energy! These processes will be the wave of the future as more consumers demand environmentally friendly products from manufacturers.

So… what does this have to do with me being poor?!!!

A few blogs ago, I shared the story about a pet portrait that I was commissioned to do. Michael loved the portrait of his dog Digger so much that he gave me a bonus on top of the agreed upon price. Whenever these kind of surprises happen in my life I’m always compelled to use the bonus to help me share my artwork. My wife always says, “No wonder you’re always poor… everytime you make any money selling your artwork you turn around and spend it all on stickers and prints to just give away!” Ha! She’s right and she knows that it brings me a lot of personal satisfaction so it’s a bit of joke around our house, after all these years!!!

Hmmm… what am I planning on giving away?!!!

A few days ago, I was going through an old file box and I stumbled upon a few series of prints that I had forgotten about. One series dates back over ten years and the other series of art prints dates back to 2004. Both series’ are limited edition, numbered and signed! Hey – if I ever become famous these prints just may be worth an extra penny or two!!!

I thought that it would be a fun idea to create 20 packages to mail to you – my blog readers and facebook friends. The thought of my artworks travelling to different countries around the world really excites me!

These packages will include copies of Ecovox magazine, an art print and lots of my personally made peace stickers.

Here’s how it works…

All you have to do is send me an email – – and tell me what your mailing address is (please include country, etc.). That’s it! It’s that simple!!!

The first 5 mailing addresses that I receive will be sent 1 copy of Ecovox magazine (I will be writing a personal note inside for each of you), 1 numbered and signed ‘New Horizons’ print and lots of my personally made peace stickers.

The next 5 mailing addresses that I receive will be sent 1 copy of Ecovox magazine (I will be writing a personal note inside for each of you), 1 numbered and signed ‘Sol Storm’ print and lots of my personally made peace stickers.

The next 10 mailing addresses that I receive will be sent a business sized envelope filled with lots of my personally made peace stickers.

I will write a future blog about this ‘art give away’ to let you know where in this world my artwork has traveled. The only information that I will share in that story – about you - will be your first name and city or country where you live.

With 2010 just beginning I thought that this would be a great and fun way to spread some inspiration around this wonderful planet of ours. I hope that you agree!

Looking forward to hearing from at least 20 of you, soon!!!!


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tobius said...

YO! James - I love your blog. Your Mom told me your settled in your new homestead, nice to hear you lucked out so well.
I think I also have an old painting/picture you produced - your mom brought it to me, was going to have you write an article and then post you on the old Mansfield Website but life got in the way. I love reading about your lives over on the far side of the 410 - take care and keep doing what your doing.