Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Mexican Adventure

A few days ago, I received a letter from my friend and yours, Stik! Apparently, without my knowledge, Stik had decided to take a little vacation down in Mexico. He told me that he needed to get away from the Canadian snow for a little while. He is a pretty slim guy and I guess that all the snow shoveling had hurt his back, so he needed a little rest.

Stik told me that he had traveled down to a beautiful sunny resort with two of my friends. He was really concerned when, after waking up one morning, he noticed that his friends were not in their room. Stik thought that they might have been kidnapped so he went to the local police to ask for some help!

The policeman that he spoke to, told Stik not to worry. He said that his friends might have simply gone out for a day tour of the area and if Stik waited around that they would probably return some time soon. So Stik waited and waited…

After almost two hours had passed Stik decided that he was a little hungry and could use a good meal in a local restaurant. Since he had been hangin’ around a telephone booth, he decided to use the phone to call for a rental car.

Stik told me that although he enjoyed driving, he did find it a little difficult to reach the gas petal.

Instead of finding a restaurant, Stik had found a local Tequila Pub. He went inside and soon became friends with Phoenix. They talked… and drank tequila all afternoon. Stik confessed to me that he didn’t find Phoenix all that attractive, but he said, “The more I drank, the prettier she became!” Phoenix was only going to be in town for another day. She was there for the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations that took place a few days before.

Well! Wasn’t Stik relieved and happy when Bill suddenly appeared at the entrance to the pub?!!! Bill told Stik that he was very delighted to find him again after having accidentally split up early that morning. Stik introduced Bill to Phoenix and they all continued enjoying some more tequila!

After a few hours, Stik was in no shape to drive back to the hotel. He thought that it was smart of Bill to give Carolynne a call, to ask her to come and pick them up. Carolynne had spent the day shopping and all day long she was wondering where Stik had got off to for that day. Now she knew!

Phoenix was very sad to see Stik leaving and just before they got into Carolynne’s car she ran into the parking lot with a piece of paper with her phone number on it. Stik told me that he was not going to be starting any kind of long-distance relationship, but he would keep the phone number for a while in case he happened to venture down to Mexico again in the near future.

Thanks Carolynne and Bill, for taking care of my friend Stik during his holidays – he had a great time!!!


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Celeste said...

hee hee very cute story <3 Thanks for sharing :)