Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sharing A Smile or Three!!!!

About a year ago, my parents joined a group that works with underprivileged children in different countries around the world. A few months ago my sister became inspired to do the same. Each month a small amount of money goes to these organizations and they use it to buy families and children food and clothing. The money also goes to support the building of homes, schools and clean water supplies. I think that this is a great thing to do, if you have the spare cash.

Most of my spare cash is spent on stickers, T-shirts and other prizes that I share with the students who ride The Peacebus… I’m an artist, therefore I am poor! LOL!!! However, I do make a monthly contribution to Amnesty International each month for the huge amount of $10.00. I wish that the amount was greater, but I still do what I can to help others in need.

Since I can’t afford to sponsor a child in another country (yet!) I have found another way to contribute to their lives in a positive way. Just a few days ago, I spent a few hours getting some stickers, poems and a few colourful art prints together to send to the children who are being sponsored by my parents and sister.

I wrote a letter to each child, telling them a little bit about my children’s art classes that I have taught throughout Canada - with lots of colouful photos! I also included many photocopies of two art assignments that I have created within the last year and I included a few boxes of coloured pencils for them use.

My hope is that they will share all of these stickers and fun activity sheets with their friends and teachers. I think that it is really great to be able to share these things with children from Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic. It makes the world feel just a little bit smaller!

I will have to use my imagination to envision the children’s happy faces when they open their parcels. The children will delight in these gifts on the day they receive them as well as on all the other days when they are creating art using the coloured pencils.

Over the years I have become fond of the expression, “Think Globally – Act Locally”, but sometimes I think that it’s important for each of us to act globally every now and again, too!!!


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