Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cyprus Lake and the Grotto

I always enjoy looking at people’s photo albums from far away places. They showcase scenes and landscapes of areas where I doubt I will ever have a chance to go. Similarly, I like to share photos of places where I do happen to wander, so that those people from far off places can get a small glimpse of some Canadian landscapes.

Two days ago, Joanne and I returned home from our three-day camping trip at CyprusLake

We left London, Ontario fairly early – by our standards! – and enjoyed watching all the passing farm fields as we traveled north. Cyprus Lake is located just south of Tobermory (where you can catch a ferry to venture further into Ontario’s north). After we had found our camping site, we made a quick walk down to the lake. The water was warm and clear and I began looking forward to a swim, but a cool wind had started to pick up and clouds began rolling in.

Back at the campsite, we quickly tied our tarp to the surrounding trees, so that we’d have a small dry place to sit in case it did start to rain. And it did! It took a bit of work to finally get our fire burning nicely. The rain came and went, came and went and we were lucky to have been able to cook ourselves a yummy meal during one of the dry times of the evening.

Later on, we went for another short visit down to Cyprus Lake and I did go for a dunk in its warm waters – to get rid of the damp chill caused by the rains. Even though the skies were still filled with clouds I told Jo’ not to worry cuz tomorrow the clouds would be gone and we would have a great day in the sunshine.

The next morning saw the sun peeping through the clouds now and again, and the rains had stopped. We packed a lunch and spent the next hour hiking along some trails that would lead us to the shore of Georgian Bay and the Grotto. I marveled at this tree and its ability to do whatever it took to live and grow in this wooded area. It had grown horizontally for a span of almost twenty feet before it started growing vertically again, once it had reached a small clearing where it could reach for the light. I think that this inspirational picture will be my profile image on Facebook for the next week or so.

We reached the shore to see jagged cliff walls, cobble stone beaches and layers of slate rock. Joanne took Koly for a small walk while I stayed behind to take a few photographs.

Capturing a flowing wave as it cascades over a rock is one way to learn patience. In a way you have t o become one with the water, listening to the rhythms of the waves as you sense the rise and f all of each swell… waiting for the one that rises above the rest.

Even the small wave in the bottom right corner of this photo adds to the excitement and mood of this entire scene.

All the different colours of the rocks and the water are a true delight to me.

A little while later, we continued on to the Grotto. While all the shoreline is a splendid sight, the Grotto is a small area where all the magic in this area comes to life. There are caves and rock outcroppings that were given a littl e more special attention by the melting polar icecaps of over 10 000 years ago.

But I have no pictures of this area to show! There was a rescue taking place by the police, and a special fire rescue team with the assistance of the local coast guard. Someone had hurt themselves in one of the caves – just a minor slip, I heard, with a really sore ankle and leg, making it too difficult to climb back out of the cave. With so many people watching it was impossible to take any nice photos.

We continued on to the beach area. There was no sand at this beach. We spent a while hanging around on these large rocks. The shoreline at the top of this photo is all cobble rocks and the far shore – this area is kinda like a bay – is all cliffs.

The clouds were starting to break up and the beginning of a great afternoon was upon us. I got my camera out to take some more photos. Many regular readers o f my blog know that I like to use computer effects on some of my photos to make them more interesting and artistic. I think that this photo really captures the essence of a relaxing adventure along an Ontario shoreline – sitting, relaxing, thinking, all the while listening to the waterbirds and the sounds of the waves lapping at the rocks around you.

Here I go again, with the computer filters, taking a simple picture and turning it into something that evokes a deeper emotion within the viewer.

I tell ya – all of this relaxing sure has built up an appetite wit hin me!

Although the skies remained clear I was keeping my eye on the clouds way off in the distance.

As each hour went by I could witness this air mass creeping closer and closer.

Even a few hours later, after we had returned to Cyprus Lake, we could see these same clouds drawing ever nearer. By the early evening they had reached our campsite and we watched as they continue to pass overhead. Yeah! No rain for us this evening!!!

My last three photographs were taken by the shore of the lake. Again, I had a bit of fun using computer filters to make these images a little more interesting.

Waves have always fascinated me. I dig their quantum mathematics and light reflecting prowess. I also love the colour blue!

Even though the sun was not setting when I took this picture, I was able to change colours and intensity on my computer to create a sunset burning overhead, reflecting on the water.

Sooo… that’s about that! A simple camping story with some simple photos highlighting a few scenes from a Northern Ontario shore and nearby lake. I hope that my readers from afar will enjoy these images and think of making Canada a vacation destination in their future travels where the rain is free, the sunburns are pink and the campfire is always burning…


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