Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dismissal Of Sorrow!

Here I sit and think of words of thanks,
for the days that have passed.
At times the skies were wet with rain,
but we both knew that this would not last.

The grey skies cracked to let in the light.
The hawk winds cried and then flew through my sight.
Then I realized that I just might
have more endurances to face,
though with no more fright.

You move throughout me in mysterious ways,
my heartbeat pounds with ancient drums.
You glide throughin me night and day,
I’m fingers and toes (occasionally thumbs).

Here I sit thinking of your love’s hope,
embracing the smiles and all the joys.
Cherishing it with others is my life’s rope,
filling the hearts of little girls and boys.

Hand upon hand, we’ll climb this thread together,
reaching passed the stars with a love that’s never been tethered.
Looking back, to see the distances we’ve come…
Oh my! How this line has been weathered.

But, soon enough, I’ll be able to look around
and see yesterday’s love light
and the shadow it has cast upon the ground.
For when this day turns into tomorrow,
I’ll be there to share
in the dismissal of sorrow.

Jim Kogelheide
July 1999

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