Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing With The Moon!

In almost all of my blog stories I write about the importance of respecting Nature. A heart filled with respect allows our mind to open to a new sense of wonder. A mind filled with wonder allows our spirit to gain understanding.

One of the best ways to make these connections is to have fun with Nature…

… as I’ve mentioned before when writing about my guerrilla gardening adventures (http://bitsandpeaces08.blogspot.com/2010/05/guerrillas-are-on-attack-again.html).

A week ago, a friend sent me an interesting email filled with many photographs of people who were doing just that… having fun with Nature – or more specifically the moon! I thought that it would also be fun, for me, to share these photos with you, and so I will.

While I was getting the photos ready, the words of a poem – that I wrote in 1998 – began to echo through my mind. The poem speaks about the Earth, moon, sun and our ability to bring peace and love into our souls. I’ve decided to share both with you, here and now…

The Heart Of The Sunrise

In the heart of the sunrise, I see a brand new day

Filled with the laughter of the children who have come here to play

To dance beneath the skies and crawl upon the Earth

To enlighten all our hearts with dreams having birth

To pause and wonder at the value of it’s worth

In the heart of the sunrise I feel a brand new call

Asking me to share a vision with you all

But eyes look away, too afraid to see the light

And lacking is the strength to confront our enemy’s might

So the sky circles ‘round to fill this space with night.

In the soul of the moon, I touch a new babe’s eyes

Giving strength to the universe with a peace that has no disguise

Unleashing the tears that fall like love

Into the heart of the sunrise.


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Spiral Crone said...

I think Google ate my previous message.
Do you know who took those lovely moon photos? They go so well with your poem.