Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Matter

It was over sixteen years ago when I first had my eyes opened to realize that our Industrial lifestyles are leading our world to a very calamitous future. I heard the message in the music I listened to and I devoured many books on the subject, trying to understand how our societies had gotten to this point and where we were headed. But these were just words! Where was the action?

As I went through my day to day life, I found that nobody was talking about these subjects and I could see very little in the way of social action and response to all of these interconnected problems.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I had to do something and after eight months of planning ‘The Temagami Trail Tribute’ was born. This expedition would see me and several friends walking throughout Southern Ontario to raise awareness about the clear cut logging that is destroying an ancient forest in the Temagami region of Northern Ontario.

Since then, I’ve still continued to be a leader for the environmental cause ( ) but I feel that my ambitions now have a lot of company… and this is a great thing!!!!

Every time I turn around, I’m being invited to another and another social action in response to our global climate shift. I sometimes wish there were two of me so that I could attend more rallies and benefits.

The thing that I like the most about this hugely escalating social response is that so many action platforms have now become global phenomena. The ‘350’ action plan ( ) was not something that happened in just London, Ontario, it was a massive swelling of public support that occurred simultaneously around the world, to name just one previous event.

Just a few weeks ago, I became involved in another social action response to climate change. It was named ‘The I Matter March’. When I first arrived at London’s City Hall, I quickly learned that this event was also happening simultaneously around the world, with a few other Canadian cities being involved and some rather larger rallies happening in many other countries.

The idea was very simple – we had signs stating our concerns for the environment and we held these high as we marched (with a police escort) from City Hall to a nearby community outdoor market. Many local politicians came out to support this march and many local news reporters milled about with cameras on the ready and microphones set to ‘on’ as almost every marcher was interviewed.

Making News -

We were not there to protest against something, but more to the point, we were there to express our desires to ensure that the world’s future is a healthy and happy one. A very positive message, indeed!

The messages reaching around the world about our need to dramatically change from a polluting and ecosystem destroying civilization to one that respects Nature and our relationship with her has – for the last decade – been reaching the ears of the world’s youth.

It is so inspiring to see all the many actions that the youth are involving themselves in, as they begin to raise their voice of concern for our leaders to hear.

I listened intently. But, if I knew that someone would be taking my picture I would have smiled!!!

Several local musical groups then offered up some inspirational entertainment to conclude our short, peaceful but soul-satisfying march.

Parents, children and even grandparents enjoyed the sunshine, spring breezes and thoughts about a better future for humanity and all the world’s living creations.

Since so many youths were involved with this march, organizers thought that it would be fitting to conclude the event with a local youth band. This is U-Turn and in a way I think that their name represents our societies need to ‘curb’ away from harmful industrialized constitutions so that we may embrace a more sacred existence with much reverence for the entity that provides for and sustains us… the Earth!

Events such as this are becoming more and more common in every town and city around the world. People are concerned! People do care! People want to learn more! People want to take positive action!

We are the pioneers of sustainable living! Solutions are found after concerns are raised and ideas expressed. We are now raising our voice of concern and soon we will evolve to find more viable solutions so that we ‘the people’ will thrive and not merely survive.


PS – If this story has inspired you to want to participate in a future environmental response action to climate change then you are in luck!!!

Tomorrow – Friday, May 27th between 6-6:30pm the ‘Critical Mass Bike Rally’ will be meeting at the Victoria Park bandshell in downtown London, Ontario. At 6:30pm we will be taking over the downtown streets with our bicycles for a half-hour ride. Be prepared to sing out a few of Mr. Jim’s ‘repeat after me’ songs and bring your smile!

See ya then!

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