Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gifts From The Earth

Over the last many months I’ve been happily snapping lots of photos of the flowers that I’ve planted around my house. Instead of telling the stories about how I planted them and the things I’ve observed during their growing and flowering stages, I thought that I’d do something a bit more fun. For today’s blog I’ll simply be showing my favourite garden photos in and around the lyrics of a song that I wrote a few years ago.

Please enjoy!

Our Only Friend

Can you feel my heartbeat
Pounding thro’ the strings

Of my guitar?
Oh! The joy it brings.

I’m singing simple songs
For the world to hear

About ‘Peace and Love’
Laced with a little bit of fear.

Can you feel your spirit
Raising in the air?

As you’re floating above life
You can go anywhere.

You can scale a mountain
Or forge the great divide.

You can dive in with the whales
And now you’re coming out the other side.

You can hug the moon
And kiss a brand new day
Cuz you’re young and wild.

Could you be a tree
With branches waving at the sky?

Once you were a seed
But then, you grew so high.

You’re changing with the weather
And the seasons, too.

White is your winter crown
And the summer brings the morning dew.

When you hug the moon
The night dissolves away,
Then your heart can smile.

Can you see the sunshine
Through the acid rain?

Dark clouds usher in
Ten thousand years of pain!

It’s not to late
If we find a peace to lend

We’ve got to learn
That the Earth is our only friend

You can hug the moon
And kiss both night and day
Cuz you’re Nature’s child……

Until next time – see the Earth, smell the Earth, touch the Earth and love the Earth! Appreciate all beauty that she brings into our lives and look for ways to share this inspiration with others!!


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