Saturday, July 9, 2011

If Enough People…

The majority of the world’s population believes that they vote only during elections. They fail to realize that we all vote many times each and every day of our lives. Every time we purchase a product or service we vote.

When we go to the grocery store and buy an imported pear from India or Spain we are voting to support an industrialized global society that is doomed to fail. This vote ensures that pesticide companies continue to manufacture harmful poisons to spray onto foods in countries that have lenient regulations. This vote ensures that trucking companies, distribution centres and overseas transportation companies continue to consume vast quantities of fossil fuel products. This vote ensures that army forces and munitions manufactures continue to thrive to ensure that these resources continue to be available. I hope that it was a good… no, no… a GREAT pear!!!

It sure is hard to see all of these interrelated connections that keep Industrial Man going (if just briefly - in relation to even our own history), but they are there!

If enough people were able to make these connections then our world would surely be a happier and healthier place.

If enough people were able to understand the destructive nature of McDonalds and how they are destroying the Amazon Rainforest and treating millions of God’s creatures in inhumane ways, then we could vote to eliminate this plague from the world, buy not voting with our purchases in their business outlets.

If enough people were able to understand how Walmart’s low, low prices are having grave environmental consequences in our oceans and in foreign countries, then we could vote to eliminate another world plague. As we continue to shop and vote in other stores – smaller, more unique and locally owned stores - we will see the reconstruction of localized economies and localized manufacturing that will ensure employment and prosperity in the places we call community.

If enough people were able to understand that supporting local farmers inevitable creates a more peaceful planet, then there would have been more families picking Strawberries with Joanne and myself, a couple of weeks ago!

We had a very wet Spring, here in Southern Ontario, and this meant that Strawberry season started just a little bit later than normal. Which ended up being a good thing. Last year, Joanne and I had to scavenge through many Strawberry plants to fill our baskets…

… but this year, we stayed in one small area and filled our baskets quite easily.

Errrr… did I say ‘fill our baskets’ or ‘fill our faces’???

I’ve always felt that the healing of the Earth will only happen when we open our hearts and minds to realize that we are connected with the Earth. The best way to connect with the Earth is by touching her and we can do this quite easily when we grow and harvest our own food.

Once we have learned how to connect with the Earth, we can then share our experiences with others and include them into our lives!

HEY! WHAT’S THIS!????? Ha – I’ve been wondering how I would share this delight with the world. Yup! Joanne and Jim are gonna have a baby!!!!

You can bet that this new development in our lives will give me a lot of material for future blogs, but those will have to wait until after I get my Strawberries home and into my freezer, so that I can enjoy them with our ‘soon to be’ son all through the next Winter!


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