Friday, August 1, 2008

Art Activity For Kids

One of my meetings, this week, was with a community group that is organizing a ‘Family Day’ for local children and their parents. I was asked if I could help to create an environmental art program for the children. Of course, I said yes.

The idea that I shared with Candas – the organizer – was to create a simple art workshop using recycled materials to create flower fridge magnet art. I’ve created this workshop on several other occasions and it has worked very well. This is a fun way to create art that is useful and it teaches the children how to think about using ordinary items to create their art.

Here is what you need for the flower fridge magnet:

A piece of cardboard for the backing material with a small magnet glued to the back.

Collect empty cardboard boxes used for cereal, crackers or kleenex.
Cut one circle – for the centre of the flower
Using different coloured cardboard cut out triangular shaped flower petals

Use a glue stick (not as messy as liquid glue) to glue the shapes to the backing board. Hold each piece down for 10 seconds to make sure the glue dries.

You can use petal shapes that are different colours and different sizes.
Use your imagination!

Have fun - - - and now you’re done!!!

Now, that was easy.

Let your imagination take control and discover what other pictures you can create using cereal box cardboard.


For more information on the Nor'West Fun Festival follow this link:

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