Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach Pizza

In 1996 I was organizing an environmental campaign to educate and raise awareness about the issues surrounding the Temagami forestlands.

It was a few days before the ‘kick-off’ – I guess I should really say ‘walk-off’ – and I was trying to get people to come to my event. With a small handful of invitations I walked up and down Richmond Street handing them out to people. That is how I met Chrissy and James.

We talked about the upcoming walk and they both told me that they thought what I was doing was a great thing and that they would support my effort. And they did!

Twelve years have passed, since that time, and we continue to enjoy our friendship. James and Chrissy are known as our ‘hippy friends in the straw house’. They live near Lake Erie in a beautiful stuccoed straw-bale house. This type of construction is more environmentally friendly than traditional timber framing. Joanne and I have witnessed the growth of their family as Noah was born to be followed soon after with their daughter Zoe.

We chat on the phone every few months and we usually see each other a few times a year. They have visited us, here in London, but Jo’ and I really like to go to their house – to get away from the city for an afternoon.

The beach is about a two minute walk from their house and we spent most of last evening there, with a few of our friend’s neighbours. Chrissy was very excited to show us how to make ‘Beach Pizza’. It’s really easy and yummy! A new camping favourite of mine. All you need is a bunch of chopped up vegetables, a little cheese, pizza sauce, pita bread and a fry pan with a lid – oh yeah: you might want a plate cuz the pizza is hot! And that’s it.

The neighbours that joined us had a great set up for dinners on the beach. They came with a table that had two big wheels attached. This gave us a place to put all our ingredients for the pizzas and when it was time to go the table easily followed. I felt like I was on the ‘Red Green’ TV show.


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