Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Old Dog – New Tricks

Joanne and I know how to have a great time without spending the lots of cash that we don’t have! Monday was such a beautiful day – and hot – so since it was a holiday weekend we decided to go to the beach. We packed a little cooler with fruits, crackers and cheese and made an afternoon of it.

In Southern Ontario, when someone says they are going ‘to the beach’ it could mean one of many. We have Lake Erie to our south, Lake Huron to our west and Georgian Bay to our north. Grand Bend is a very popular place but Jo’ and I have found a few smaller, lesser known beaches that are not swarming with people and condominiums.

The beach, to Koly, means just one thing – rocks! I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, about my dogs desire to clear all rocks out of any water and today was no different. Joanne and I have tried to stop him but it is no use…

After about half and hour, the beach was covered in many piles of rocks.

I challenged Koly and asked him if he could spell his name with the rocks from the lake… and he went straight to work.

Who says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”?


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lovemalaysia said...

Wow! This is beautiful Jim :) & you are very special and have great warm heart to the world..glad that you are my Facebook friend! God Bless You & Your Beloved family always!!

Jenn. Chong