Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bricks Of Love – a song

I haven’t written a story since last weekend. I’ve been very busy. I taught my first art class of the season on Thursday afternoon at the Montessori House of Children. I have nothing but extremely joyous memories from that afternoon. I am hoping to be able to share some of those photographs in the near future. The students were amazing and so darn smart – sometimes they would think that their silly answer would just receive giggles and laughs and they were all surprised when I would express how I thought that they were very smart to have thought of such a creative answer. Indeed, this is how I truly felt – I was impressed!

I’ll talk a bit more ‘bout that at a later entry. I’m very excited and want to get to the meat of this entry – like now!

I have been e-communicating with Jan from the London Music Club…
… for a week or so – discussing opportunities to hang my art works at the club. I had been in, once before, and it’s a really nice venue – very cozy and intimate – super chill and joyous!!! The walls are filled with – musically minded – art and I wanted to be a part of it. Jan was happy to offer me space to hang one painting and then I had a cool idea…

I have permission to display the artworks that are created in my classes – until April – and I thought that an ever-changing art hanging (changing the paintings every month) would be a good thing. Jan agreed – she loved the idea of highlighting a new set of art, created by the youth of the community, that recognized environmental concerns. We made plans to meet last evening and I was to bring in a painting. I took ‘Earth Angel’…

… and my guitar – it was open mic night!

Jan warned me that things might be running a little late because of the Barney Bentall concert. Cool!!! I took a dozen stik-ers to give to him for his guitar cases and a small print of my artwork – actually, this is my only print of an artwork that I did not paint – my students painted it. Barney held it up while Joanne took our picture. I think that he thought it was pretty cool for someone to give him a little present – for the one hour autograph session he had with everyone!

We were allowed into the hall where he had performed – after the show. We couldn’t hear the show – we were in another space with other musicians so I can’t comment on that at all. I will comment on what I saw while I waited to meet him – he seems like a really nice guy – very open to all sorts of different people, friendly and patient – definitely relaxed.

As mentioned, while Barney’s concert was in progress, Jo’ and I were in a different area and there were a few people enjoying taking turns playing the guitar. I accepted each time it was offered – I played a couple of one and half minute long ditties. I was more interested in listening to their songs. Everyone that played was really, really amazing and it was a lot of fun to listen and participate – a little…

Later, it was time to start the open mic. I was third up. I had no fear cuz I knew that I was going to make a few mistakes, the previous players had made a few mistakes - I was in good company! No one seemed to care is you missed a word or slipped a chord – it made everything a bit more enjoyable – the performers gave a silly grin, the audience laughed and then on with the show. I really enjoyed myself.

Now – I’m not the greatest guitar player in the world…(silent pause)… and suddenly I had an even more difficult situation to deal with. I was playing someone else’s guitar. It was a bit uncomfortable around my shoulders – the strap that is, it felt different in my hands and holy man was it loud. I’m used to pounding on my guitar to make it loud and now I was constantly readjusting my self – once or twice, tho’, I hit that bass string pretty hard and it really let out a deep moan!

We all played three songs. I began with a 2 ½ minute instrumental entitled ‘World On A Chain’. I like to dream of one day making an album and this instrumental will be the first song on Side B and also the title of the album. The cover artwork it already sketched out… My second song was ‘The Bricks Of Love’ and I ended – with audience support – with a shortened version of ‘The Turtle Song’.

The Bricks Of Love

We’ll always reap the seeds we sow
When we’re layin’ down the bricks
Layin’ down the bricks
Our love will shine when it’s peace we grow
Yea! We’re layin’ down the bricks
Layin’ down the bricks

Hope is………

The road we rode quickly turned asunder
And now we’re frightened
By the rain and by the thunder!

We’ll build a house for the world to share
When we’re layin’ down the bricks
Layin’ down the bricks
With no more crying or despair
Yea! We’re layin’ down the bricks
Layin’ down the bricks

Hope is………

The road we rode cracked, split and fell away
And now we’re building
Towards a better way!

We’ll clean our windows so that we can see
All the love and joy that’s still to be
We’ll open all our doors and let the good spirits in
Then we’ll dance and sing – Yea! Rise above the din

Hope is………

Layin’ down the bricks
Layin’ down the bricks

Jim Kogelheide
May 2008

So… I finished my set and sat back in the audience. Joanne told me that I sounded pretty good and that I was quite entertaining. I had a great time!

The next act was really serious about open mic night. They set up a drum kit, and a keyboard, with a third singer. They were quite entertaining as well.

Joanne had to work this morning so we left soon after this performance. All in all a very productive and enjoyable day. Who says ‘You can’t mix business with pleasure’? I’m always grateful that my business is my true pleasure!


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Now that was one special day! Congratulations!