Monday, February 9, 2009

I Didn’t Do It… Again!

I’ve talked about how wonderful it is that with today’s communication tools it is very easy to share ideas with the world. I’ve shared stories about how I am now connecting with people from around the world, using Facebook, to share stories and artwork that are related to inspiring topics. Not only are people enjoying the stories and artwork that I have to share, I am also being inspired by the stories and artworks created by others.

For today’s entry I simply wanted to share some of the artworks that have been created by my Facebook friends. I am including the name of each artist – below their artwork – so that you can ‘google’ them to find links to more of their art…

Avihai Cohen – Isreal

Bud Donald Cassady – USA

Chor Boogie – Unknown origin

Jonathan Blake – USA

Karl Mullen – USA

Mutaz Elemam – Sudan

Nani Dsgnani – Australia

Stephanie Amare - USA

All of these artworks make it easy to realize that there is sooooo much talent in our world. Let’s be inspired by these individuals so that we can find our own spark of imagination to add to the conscious collective!


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