Friday, February 13, 2009

Tones Of Home

This peace of art would not be as it is, if it were not for the art peace that I told you about in my last blog entry. So, I guess that’s where I’ll begin this story…

I had just finished painting ‘Hangin’ On’ and I had learned few new things that I was anxious to try again. With ‘Hangin’ On’ I had further learned how to apply multiple layers of ink to create really deep tones.

This second coating of the same colour of ink really brought out a deep and rich tone. I have learned that up to four coatings works well, but after that the drawing board gets too saturated with liquid and the paper starts to fall apart. Unless it’s really needed, I usually contain myself to no more than three coatings of ink.

So… I needed something to paint, and no ideas popped into my head. I asked Joanne to give me a suggestion. She said that since I had been talking so much about how I was missing the rolling fields of my homeland, that I should paint a picture to remind me of the landscape. She continued to suggest that since it was autumn, I should paint an autumn landscape. I thought that this was a great idea!!!

With this painting, I spent a lot of time detailing the shadows of the forests and haystacks. The shadows were created by applying a second coating of the same coloured ink. I just love the shadows on the haystack in the foreground. The fields and the sky were painted with three coats – really close to the edges of each formation. By adding a few drops of water to the inks, I was able to lighten the colours, which allowed me create the illusion of distance.

The title ‘Tones Of Home’ was inspired by a song of the same title, written by Blind Melon. The content of the song has nothing to do with this painting; I just thought that the title sounded cool – it’s a painting with lots of colour ‘tones’ and it’s a painting of my ‘home’.

Again, when this art peace was finished, I mailed it to a friend back home.

One aspect of the design of this painting, which may not make sense at first glance, is the second clump of forest. We don’t see any of the tree trunks, just the tops of the trees. This is simply because of the shape of the terrain. Sharp deep valleys were formed throughout this region of Southern Ontario and these valleys are filled with trees. While standing on the farmfields all we will see is the tops of the valley forests.

Last autumn, Joanne and I went for a visit to my parent’s house and while we were there we went for a walk – with my sister. We walked right through the painting ‘Tones of Home’ and found ourselves in the valley that is drawn in this painting.

As you can see, the terrain in these back areas is very wild and oh so beautiful. There is never a visit to my parent’s house that doesn’t include at least one three-hour long hike through these back hills. I really find my peace when I’m there; just sitting, feeling and listening to the sounds of the breeze…


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