Tuesday, August 4, 2009

London Chalk Artists

London, Ontario is a very active place, especially in the summer. Last week, an entire downtown street was closed off so that a group of chalk artists could recreate Michelangelo’s brilliant Sistine Chapel.

I wasn’t surprised to find Axl doing her part for this project.

I think that there were about ten artists in total, working on the main body of the artwork. The outside border was drawn using the help of many London teenagers who had volunteered their time for this enriching experience. They did a great job!

Three of the artists were from California. This project had a number of sponsors to pay for the artist’s time, travel and accommodations – at one of London’s finer hotels. One artist told me that when this project is complete that she’ll be flying to Texas for another project and then on to Mexico for another week. She is a teacher and she spends part of her summers arting on city streets around the world!!!

Of course – LOL! – I took advantage of this situation to spread around some of my art. The next day I returned with a handful of my peace Stik-ers and I gave each of the three artists from California one of my art prints.

I shared with them the story about my global art attack – Peaceflowers From Around The World – and they agreed that it was indeed a fun and exciting project. One artist drew a peaceflower for my collection!!! Thanks!

They had four more days of drawing ahead of them. On Sunday, August 02 the final art was to be completed for the community unveiling. That Sunday would also see a one-day chalk art competition beginning. Anyone who had registered could draw whatever they wanted and then these artworks would be judged. I was excited to see all of this completed art, once Joanne and I had returned from our weekend trip to my visit my parents and sister.

While we were there my mom told me about an interesting place, not too far away. This whole region is very unique, having been formed by the glaciers 10 000 years ago. About three miles away from where I grew up, there is a hill that is high enough so that you can see both Toronto and Barrie’s lights on a clear night!

The place that my mom told us about is found along a small stretch of the Bruce Trail – famous around the world! The trail begins in Tobermory – the most northern part of Southern Ontario – and it winds its way for a several weeklong hike to Niagara Fall – the most southern part of Southern Ontario. Of course, the trail has many points where people can gain access if they just want to explore small areas.

This part of the trail has a lot of cracks and crevices that are really interesting to see. With all the open rock surfaces, the trees have to really work hard at securing their roots. I think it’s really cool to see all the roots winding this way and that, grabbing hold of the rock.

And here’s Koly enjoying himself! You can see a small vertical stripe of white paint on the tree, jut behind Koly. These markings are found every twenty feet or so, along the trail, so that people won’t get lost.

After a relaxing time with ‘the folks’, Jo’ and I headed for home. The first stop that I wanted to make was to see all the completed chalk art. Unfortunately the clean up process had already begun. If this artwork remained I’m sure that the next few days would have seen a few car accidents as people tried to drive and look at the art at the same time – or a tourist might jump in front of a car to get a photo of the art!!! I could have taken photos of the finished Sistine Chapel art – it was still visible – but it had lost its brilliance and I didn’t think it would be right.

Fortunately, the artwork created for the competition was still in good shape and I took a lot of photos!!! This is less than half of all the art that filled two city blocks - - -

All of these artworks were created by artists young and old and you can see that they were all created with magnificence!!!!

Even this silly one – LOL!!! I call him Bicky cuz he reminds me of a Bick’s Pickle!!!!

Thanks to Nature for being a constant inspiration to artists!

Thanks to artists for being a constant inspiration to us all!!!


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