Monday, September 21, 2009

The Peace Bus

The students that ride my school bus are great! They exude positivity and creativity in everything that they do. They take care of each other, ensuring that everyone gets onto the bus safely or crosses the road safely. And they are all amazing artists!!!!

The first art assignment that I gave them was very simple. I told the students that I would like each of them to help me decorate the bus with peaceful images. That was it – the students had absolute freedom in designing drawings of whatever they wanted… with thoughts of peace.

I shared a story – last week – about the first peace of artwork that was handed in to me.

Before I left the school to take the children home, I held up Stephanie’s art to further inspire the students to want to participate. I sweetened the deal by telling them that I would give them one of my peace Stik-ers for each peace of art that they handed in. This statement got all the students very excited!!!

Over the next four days I received so much art that I have decided that I will have to write a second blog story to show you all the art that was created. For today, I will be showing the first ten drawings that were handed in…

Both Mikayla (Grade 4) and Patricia (Grade 1) delighted my senses with the bright colours that they chose. Mikayla put a lot of thought into her colour selections and the detailing of colours around the words ‘Don’t Hate – Appreciate!’ was handled masterfully!!!

These artworks were handed in by Alex (Grade 4), Kimi (Grade 4) and Jason (Grade 1). The first thing that I asked them was, “Where did you find these colouring sheets?”, as they looked like they came from the same source. Alex told me that he had googled ‘colouring sheets peace images’ and that he easily found a site with many images. I told him that he was being very resourceful and I liked that he had shared his findings with Kimi (his neighbour) and Jason (Kimi’s younger brother).

I was really delighted with this colourful creation by Emilia (Senior Kindergarten). For someone so young, she sure did a grown-up job using her coloured markers! One student made the comment that her drawing didn’t have a peace symbol in it. Emilia simply said, “But butterflies are peaceful!” and I laughed!!!!!

Alexis is a very energetic artist in Grade 1. After school, she came running to the bus waving her artwork in the air, “Mr. Jim! Mr. Jim! I drew a peace picture for you!!!” And what an energetic creation she had for me. I really like this one!

This drawing really made me happy. Danielle (Grade 6) presented this to me on Friday and it really made my day. I was delighted that someone thought to make a drawing to title our bus. I will be placing this drawing right at the front of the bus, just above my head so that everyone who enters will know that they are on “The Peace Bus”.

And this is just the beginning! I still have lots of other artwork to share with you – from this first assignment, so you’ll have to visit my blog again…soon!!!


P.S. Happy International Peace Day and Autumn Equinox Day to everyone!!! I have a very special gathering to attend, this evening. I’ll be sharing that story soon!

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