Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Amazing Surprise!

WOW!!! What an amazing surprise I received, the other day! A most positive way to begin the New Year…

Last spring, one of my Facebook friends told me that she wanted to create a quilt to be used to raise awareness about the many issues concerning children with Autism. She wanted to borrow the talents of my Peacebus students to create the artwork for this quilt.

My students handed in to me, many beautifully arted drawings (to see all of the students’ artworks and to know this story from the very beginning - http://bitsandpeaces08.blogspot.com/2010/05/children-with-autism-need-peace-too.html ) and in turn, I sent copies of these artworks to Margaret. From around the world, my Facebook friends delighted in these creations, leaving many inspired comments.

Just last week, I received a letter from Margaret telling me that her quilt is finally finished. I hadn’t thought about this project for many months, so I was brought back to it in quite a shocking way! Absolutely delighted, I was!

So many months of dedicated hard work was going on in another part of the world and this time slipped past me without knowing. Work that I had slightly assisted in, set into motion to take on a life of its own, guided by another artist, inspired by life!

The most significant ‘GREAT JOB!!!’ goes out to Margaret Ann Franklin, of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, for her inspiring presence in so many peoples’ lives! I believe that Margaret has plans for showing this quilted masterpeace so that people can learn about and help children with Autism. In the future, it may be donated to a fundraising event to further support this cause.

Thank you, Margaret, for blasting me with a most brilliant beam of positive energy, so early in the New Year!!!! I’m kinda speechless… except for all of these words.



Wanda Lynne Young said...

This quilt is an amazing artistic creation and collection of awesome inspirations! I hope Margaret has this creation on display for many people to see.

carouseloffrinedship said...

This quilt, along with my first one, will be on display in various locations in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, throughout the summer and fall. Details to follow.

carouseloffrinedship said...

This quilt, along with my first one (and maybe a third if we're lucky) will be on display in various locations in Bobcaygeon, Ontario throughout the summer! :)