Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hangin’ On

In this pen and ink art creation we see images representing the Earth, Moon and Sun. There is also a very large being and we can see that its arms, legs and body are extensions of the Earth’s lands and waters. This being represents the life forces of humanity and because all of the Earth’s life is intimately connected with the energies of the Sun, we can see that this being’s head and mind is interwoven with the Sun.

This painting is delicately bordered and we can see that the Sun’s energies have expanded beyond these limitations – I think there is a metaphor here, presenting itself to us. This border is also broken and we can see that the being seems to be struggling to hang on.

Since the mid 1700’s the world has seen the birth of a Global Industrial race. This newly adapted expansion of humanities ability to subdue Nature has had many benefits – better tools, more food, advances in medicine and technology – and global populations have skyrocketed out of control as a consequence. These expanding populations have given demand to create more powerful tools to produce more food and this has created many devastating consequences, resulting in the poisoning of all the environments that we need to survive.

Today, air and water contaminants leach into our breath and our food. Poisoned soils are being washed away into the oceans as our forestlands are becoming deserts because of deforestation. Icebergs are melting at tremendous rates causing floods around the world. Wind patterns are changing, ocean currents are slowing and our mountains of garbage are reaching towards the skies.

Will humanity continue to loose it’s grip from the heavenly body known as the Earth, or will a new, braver understanding shine through our minds and hearts to allow us the opportunity to re-establish a more profound and sacred relationship with our planet and all other life forces that constitute our universe?


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