Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Resolve

In 2011 I resolve to continue to find ways to make this world

a better place for future generations.

I resolve to understand where my food comes from

so that I can make choices that will protect endangered forestlands.

I resolve to repair cracks in my walls and put better seals around my windows and doors to save energy and money.

I resolve to dress up nice and warm so that I can have fun in the winter season with my family.

I resolve to spend sunny spring afternoons sitting outside painting a picture for a friend.

I resolve to inspire children to be artful and creative.

I resolve to find more patches of wild black-cap berry canes so that I can transplant them into my own garden.

I resolve to plant a tree on Earthday.

I resolve to share my artwork and inspiration with the friends I have made on Facebook.

I resolve to spend time with friends, planting flowers in the shape of peace symbols

in ditches throughout the city.

I resolve to not let a single day go by without thinking about the 35, 000 children that will die each day because they don’t have clean food or water.

I resolve to purchase Canadian made products so that international shipping companies won’t be supported with my money.

I resolve to attend community events that celebrate the diversities of my homeland.

I resolve to go camping even if it is raining on the day of our arrival

because I know that sunnier days will soon be coming.

I resolve to appreciate the beauty of Nature.

I resolve to share the stories of Canadian elementary school students who create art for the children of foreign countries who are suffering.

I resolve to maintain my sense of humour in response to environmental issues.

I resolve to grow more flowers in my gardens.

I resolve to appreciate and celebrate the accomplishments of others.

I resolve to take a picture of you taking a picture of me taking a picture of you.

I resolve to eat locally grown, in-season fruits and vegetables.

I resolve to drink beer with old high school friends around a bon-fire.

I resolve to use simple tools that don’t burn fossil fuels while I care for my home… the Earth.

I resolve to be artful in all things that I do – even if I’m repairing my foundation wall.

I resolve to participate in community bike rallies that are designed to raise awareness about climate change.

I resolve to take interesting photos of the vegetables that I harvest from my garden.

I resolve to pray harder for all the children of the world who are injured or killed in acts of war.

I resolve to try to figure out how to successfully increase my potato harvest.

I resolve to attend great Rock’N’Roll concerts that fill my heart with waves of electric light.

I resolve to find new and fun ways to ask my Facebook friends to share their peaceful thoughts and expressions.

I resolve to not let silly propaganda’s stop me from finding new and more positive ways to affect our future.

I resolve to write more poems in honour of the Earth, filled with my aspirations for humanity.

Welcome to 2011 everybody!!!!

“Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.”



Eshaya Minchin said...

Hi Jim!
Thanks so much for I Resolve. It is really good to take in!

I have resolved to enjoy and respect all the sweet relationships in my life.

And more things of course...

Best wishes, -Esha

Shawn Jason said...

You are fantastic Jim! Keep on being so magnificent :)