Thursday, July 3, 2008

Earth Angel

IV in a series of seven
from the collection
‘Reflections of Temagami’
Jim Kogelheide

In 1996 I set off on a ‘walk’ across Southern Ontario to raise awareness about the Temagami forestland’s struggle for survival caused by clear-cut forest harvesting. During a brief stay in the forest I was very busy taking lots of photographs of all the varying landscapes. I felt that it was important to share these photos with others so that we can realize the beauty that is still in need of our protection.

One of these photos inspired me to pick up a black pen and begin to draw. I had become an artist with a story to share. Over the many years I have managed to create a series of seven artworks inspired by this forest. In 2007 “Reflections of Temagami: A Group of Seven” went on a 12 month tour of London, visiting many libraries, restaurants and music shops. Earth Angel is my favourite one.

While I was viewing this photograph of a tall group of pines reflected in a small bay I felt impulsed to rotate the image. There were several red pine tree trunks stretching out and while the photo was rotated I thought they looked like wings spread out in flight. The rocks and small bushes reflected with clarity in the calm water and I thought I saw the head and body of this flying creature. While my imagination continued to examine this reflection the image began to shimmer with angelic presence. I saw a flying angel in the sky that was fixed solidly, being of the Earth.

If you look at the ink painting closely, you’ll notice the lilypads that are resting peacefully on the surface of the water.

Jim Kogelheide

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