Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dancin’ In The Moonlight

Dancin’ In The Moonlight

Dancing at night
within the
shadows of the moonlight
deep in the heart of love
far from the reaches
of those things
that bring us fright.

Into this love
we'll spin
with all of our might
dancing through the daisies
and the
shadows of the moonlight.

Twirling and tumbling
we'll fall past time together.
Twirling and tumbling
holding each other tight.

Jim Kogelheide
February, 2002
Nelson, B.C.

In the late winter or 2002, I was living in Nelson, British Columbia and working at a hotel in the downtown core. I worked the midnight shift and often I would bring a peace of artwork to work on during the quiet hours of the early morning.

For a period of time, a cook from another restaurant in town was living at the hotel. He had problems sleeping at night and often he would come downstairs to talk with me. He always expressed the fact that he enjoyed watching me work on my art.

Several months had passed and one day he asked me if I could create a painting for his girlfriend. Her birthday was a few weeks away and he wanted to give her a very unique gift. Of course I agreed.

He told me that his girlfriend’s favourite animal is the tiger and her favourite flower is the daisy. He asked if I could paint something with those two images in it.

This cook was well decorated with many black ink tattoos and this fact help me to focus on an image that also incorporated his love for black and white renderings.

After the ink painting was complete, I thought that a love poem would really compliment this art peace and so the poem bearing the same title was born, as well.


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Ana Tirolese said...

Jim, you are one multi-talented man! Did his girlfriend love the gift? I bet she did.

Thanks for sharing the work, the poem, and the story.