Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mount Jim

Two weeks ago, I was leaving my house with Koly, to take him for a walk. It was a sunny day, which contrasted greatly with the previous evening, which was filled with a heavy snowfall. I began the day by shoveling our driveway while Joanne prepared our breakfast. Now it was time to give Koly a bit of exercise.

As we were leaving the house I noticed that our neighbour’s children and a friend were trying to use their snow sleds on the piled up snow along the edge of the road. My concern for their safety grew when one little girl slid onto the road. I called them all over and I told them that playing in such a way could cause a bad accident. I told them that I wanted them to continue having fun on the pile of snow that was once my front lawn.

Since that time, we have received quite a bit more snow. Now, when I’m clearing the driveway, I go out of my way to make sure that I pile the snow nice and high in one spot to give the girls a higher hill to slide down. This growing hill has been named – by the three young girls – Mount Jim. I laughed when they told me this.

With the children playing in our front yard I feel confident that they are safe. This has also put a smile on my face for another reason. Occasionally during the evenings, when Jo’ and I are eating our dinner or watching a bit of television, we’ll hear the shouts of laughter and joy, from these girls, while they are sledding. Mount Jim has now grown so high that we can see the tops of their hats bobbing along, outside of our second floor window!!!

Our most important responsibility is ensuring the safety of our children. When they acknowledge these actions by filling the air with laughter, we know that we have done our job well!


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Ana Tirolese said...

Jim, that is a great idea. It is very nice if you to do this for the neighbour kids.

The young girl was fortunate that you saw her go into the street and were able to explain to her how dangerous that is. That could have easily and quickly turned into a horrible tragedy.