Monday, June 8, 2009

The Graffiti Revolution

I’ve shared two other stories about children’s art events that I’ve organized that have involved sidewalks, chalk and thoughts about peace. I’m surprised that these events did not inspire my latest art efforts.

It was about two weeks ago and Joanne, Koly and I were out for our evening walk around town and through a local park when the inspiration hit! We had passed by a house that obviously had a few young children because their sidewalk was filled with chalk art. The children had drawn rainbows and happy, smiling people. Jo’ and I both smiled and then I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I buy some chalk and graffiti the city with peace flowers?!!”

Today was shopping day and I had Jo’ put sidewalk chalk on the list. About half an hour after she had returned home, I went to work…

It took me a total of about three minutes and then my artwork was finished.

After dinner, I decided to bring the chalk with me, for our evening walk and I created a few more peace flowers along the way…

While I was getting these photos ready to upload to this blog, another idea hit the back of my brain. In the next few days I’m going to create a photo album on my Facebook profile page to share this art. I will also challenge my Facebook friends to create their own sidewalk chalk art creations and email their photos to me to add to my photoalbum. Since most of my Facebook friends are from different countries, this super simple and fun idea would be a way of uniting people with similar beliefs from around the world.

Now that I’m thinking about it – why don’t I invite you (my blog readers) to join in the fun, too!!! Create your own peaceflower chalk art drawing and take a photo – include yourself in the photo – and email it too me… Include your name (optional) and the city where you drew the art. I’ll post these photos in a future blog.

It’s always great to think of fun ways to share positive ideas, but if others become involved then a revolution can begin!!!! LOL!

“Okay – soldiers of peace, begin!!!!”



Gillian said...

Brilliant work Jim, great idea, I may just send you a picture XX

East Village said...

This is totally fantastic, I was lead here by a friend who sent me the link after I commented about spending the day with my daughter doing Guerilla art.
Keep it up!!! this is so beautiful.