Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Is Love? – continues

My goodness – I’ve been working on this art project since the middle of February, and finally, the end is in sight. I may just have this painting done by the end of this month. I’m going to continue this story where I left off, so please follow this link ( ) if you’d like to read about the history behind this project.

When we last saw this painting, I had just completed the first part of my poem…

The rest of the poem goes like this -


I told how that since the poem refers to ‘ignition’ that I thought it would be funny to create a ‘love bomb’ at the bottom of the painting that will ignite, then expand, to fill the rest of the image until the portrait of my wife is complete. You can see the beginning of the bomb taking shape.

Now, the bomb is complete with a heart shape (that I spontaneously thought of) and its fuse.

As soon as the word ‘IGNIGHT’ was completed, the fuse was lit. I’ve tried to create the illusion of sparks flying off the fuse line.

As each following word in the poem is completed the lit fuse gets closer to the bomb.

Now, the poem is complete, the fuse is completely lit and the bomb is about to explode.

Whew! I’m one tired painting dude!!! It took me three weeks to complete these last four photographs. Since the explosion, that is about to take place, is just that – an explosion, I will be filling in the rest of this canvas rather quickly. I’m thinking that it will take four more frames to finish this peace of art. This next phase is going to be the most exciting for me, cuz I will finally get to see the fruits of my diligent labours!


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