Monday, June 1, 2009

What Is Love – Continues

This is an art project that I started in February of this year. I hope to have it finished within the next six weeks – fingers crossed! I wanted to talk about one aspect of this project, that I haven’t mentioned previously, but first, let’s get everyone up to date…

I am ‘sort-of’ creating an animation film of the process used in completing this 24” x 30” canvas. This is the first frame of the animation – thus it is blank except for my construction lines.

This is what the canvas looked like, after eight frames of animation were finished. Between each frame of animation I ‘sprinkle’ the canvas with seemingly random dots of colour, then I take a photo and then I continue to ‘sprinkle’ paint.

These seemingly random dots of colour are actually placed in certain areas of the canvas to spell words.

This photo is the newest one and the first part of my poem has been completed.

Very shortly, the poem will read:


Now, some of you may have noticed that I spelled the word ‘ignites’ improperly. The reason for that is simple – I wanted to spell it that way!

Because of the words ‘ignights’ and ‘expands’ I thought that it would be fun to create a ‘love bomb’ at the bottom of the painting that will ignite and then expand to fill the entire canvas until the painting is complete.

The final image will be a portrait of my beautiful wife, Joanne. You can notice that the bits of paint on the left side of the canvas are dark shades of paint while the bits near the middle and to the right of the canvas are lighter shades. This is very clear when you look at the ‘bomb’. The dark shades are Joanne’s hair and the lighter shades are Joanne’s skin.

This is a close-up of the letter 'E' in the word ‘LOVE’. You can notice that the ‘bits’ of paint that I ‘sprinkled’ across the canvas are actually in the shapes of the letters used to spell this word.

When I was designing this painting I had to figure out what all of the thousands of ‘bits’ would be. At first, I was going to make them little boxes (as I’ve done with the border). Then I realized that when the painting was complete that there would be no evidence to show that I had created a poem during the process.

By using the letters to spell each of the words in the poem, I solved this issue. Now, when the painting is complete, the words of the poem will still be a part of the final painting.

I still have a lot of work ahead on me…


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