Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Art Exhibition

What a week – Whew! I hope that none of my blog readers thought I fell into ‘the great void’ – LOL!!!

I’m slowly recovering from a stomachache that is still sapping a lot of my strength. I’ve also been very busy with work – lots of extra runs with the school bus, taking groups to track meets and horse ranches, on top of my regular duties. And… I’ve spent the last few evenings setting up my art display at a local library.

This display will be up for the month of June in the Wortley Village Landon Library.

Near the end of March, I returned all of the paintings to the schools that were created during my 2008-09 Art For Earth workshops. While these paintings were on display, I received a lot of positive response from the public, including an online news article (with an attached video) from the London Free Press –

Because I don’t have these paintings to show anymore, I had to dig into my personal art collection to find enough artworks to fill the walls of the Landon Library. This wasn’t difficult, as I had six artworks just sitting in my closet collecting dust and my walls are – as you can guess – filled with art. Most of the artworks included in this display date back to my earliest years as an artist and – as you can guess – they are not for sale. My earliest works are very special to me and I don’t think that I could ever part with them.

There are two more months left in this art tour, and I’ll be sure to let you know where the next exhibitions will be.

I hope that you will enjoy this collection!!!!


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