Wednesday, October 21, 2009

350 - International Day of Climate Change

Just a quick announcement for all Londoner's (and others from Southern Ontario).

This coming Saturday - October 24th, there will be a rally/event in the sports field of John Paul II high school (just east of Highbury on Oxford Street) starting at 10:00am. This event is in support of gaining attention for the problems caused by global climate change. I'm not sure what will be happening - possible speakers, etc. - but I know that I will be there to learn something and to make my stand in support of making this world a better place for future generations!

Later - the same day - starting at 1:30pm there will be another event at the Central Library's Wolf Hall (Dundas Street - downtown). Again, I'm not sure what will be happening but I would guess that there will be a speaker on the subject and possibly a movie will be shown to educate us all.

I feel that this will be an important event that may gain some support from the local media and the story and photos would be greatly enhanced if you attended to show your support!

I'll be there with lots of my peace Stik-ers to give away and I'll be sure to share a more in-depth story about these events - with photos (of course) - at a future date.

Hope to see you there

The Peaceman

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