Monday, October 5, 2009

Kms For Carol

A few years ago, a school bus driver by the name of Carol passed away because of cancer. The staff of Murphy Bus Lines felt a deep loss and became inspired to do something that would help others with this disease. Last year marked the beginning of the annual walk ‘Kms For Carol’. This is the second year for this event and I thought that it would be a good idea to participate.

The idea and plan are simple. We hop on a bus in Arva at 9:30am that takes us to the other bus terminal in Lucan, 22 kilometers away, and we walk back to Arva where a bbq dinner will be waiting for us. It should take less than four hours to make this journey. Everyone that walks asks friends and neighbours to sponsor them – in the form of a cash donation – and all the money goes to the Canadian Cancer Society.

In the last three days, I’ve raised over $50.00 without even trying. I had a dentist appointment, the other day and my dentist pitched in a $10.00 bill. The high school students that I drive gathered up another $10.00. I bumped into a friend and his brother as I was walking down the street and a few minutes later I had added another $15.00. Over the next two weeks I’ll bet that I can raise over $200.00 just from the few people that I know.

Imagine my surprise when two of my high school students asked if they could join the walk, as well. I asked my boss and she said that anybody could participate!

Two days ago, I posted my status on Facebook to tell my friends that I had signed up to do this walk. The next day I was overwhelmed with many responses. I wasn’t expecting this at all!!! Some of my FB friends cheered me on. Others asked if I would dedicate one kilometer of my walk in the name of a friend or relative that they knew, who had died with this disease. And others asked for information so that they could make a donation to support my walk! I wasn’t expecting this at all!!! I was deeply moved with all of this support.

I asked my boss for the information that my friends were wanting and I thought that I would post this information here, on my blog, in case some of you – my readers – felt like making a donation in support of this walk.

All donations should come in the form of a cheque made payable to “The Canadian Cancer Society”. These can be mailed to:

Kms For Carol
Murphy Bus Lines
Attn: Jim (#577)
21588 Richmond Street
Arva, ON N0M 1C0

All donations must be received before October 30, 2009.

Thanks to everyone!!!!

Most assuredly, you can count on a future blog with pictures and stories from this community event.


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