Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Never Duplicated - Ever Changing Beauty!

Another Thanksgiving weekend… another trip to my parent’s house.

Joanne and I always enjoy travelling to my parent’s house. We usually do this about four times a year – on long weekends to make the three hour drive worth while. Last year, the weather was nice and warm. We started the mornings with our sweaters on and by lunch time we were in our T-shirts. Last year, I discovered how easy it is to make videos using our camera and my first music videos were born:

This year, it was rather chilly, with lots of clouds moving quickly across the sky. That didn’t stop us from spending one afternoon travelling through the amazing scenery of this landscape.

This land is as unique as the Grand Canyon, having been formed by the glaciers during the last ice age, over 10 000 years ago. Locally, this region is referred to as The Niagara Escarpment.

Whenever I’ve had the pleasure of introducing a friend or relative to this area, I always include a trip to one of the ten highest points in Southern Ontario. From this point, on a clear night, you can see the city lights of both Toronto and Barrie, at the same time. Toronto is about 100 km to the south and Barrie is close to 80 km towards the north-east.

While Jo’, my sister Sandra, Koly and I were adventuring through the hills, my parents were busy at home preparing one of my favourite meals of the year. This year, Jo’ and I had brought some potatoes and carrots that I grew in my garden to add to the meal.

This may be the last time we see my family until next spring. During the winter, the roads can be really dangerous and extremely unpredictable. It’s always nice to share these too brief moments with my folks and my sister.

Upon our return, we were overwhelmed with the warm smells coming from the kitchen. One of my mostest favouritestest parts of the meal is my mom’s special biscuits. Soon after dinner, it was time for ‘the nap’ on the couch – LOL!!

It’s times like these that allow me to be thankful for all the I have – all that I’ve been given – and all that I can share. I never forget that there are so many others that are not as blessed as I am.


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