Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Art For The Peacebus!

The students who ride The Peacebus are very, very creative! When I began driving, in September, I asked my students to help me decorate my bus with their art. Topic: Peace On Earth.

To date, I think I’ve shared three stories about their artwork and since then I’ve received so much more…

Almost every day at least one new art creation is handed in to me. Most times the artwork is filled with peace symbols and other times the students simply want to share with me their artwork that is inspired by Nature.

One of my artists has gotten ahead of me and he has already created two full page images inspired by peace in the haunting season of Halloween!

The student that drew this amazing picture must have been very encouraged… after seeing my reaction after he had handed it in to me. My face was filled with amazement and wonder, and then it broke into a huge smile. I looked at the artwork, and then lowered it to look at him, and then I looked back at the art and simply exclaimed, “WOW!” I have hopes to be able to share some simple concepts about design and layout with him, so that I can continue to encourage him to realize what a special gift he has been given!

All of these students have made me feel very special. They truly embrace the ideas that I share with them about the environmental problems facing our world and the fact that we all have to work hard to find solutions that will benefit future generations!

The future leaders of the world are blessing me with their continuous ambition for creative self-expression and if I ever had any doubts about our ability to heal our planet, they are gone… now!!!!


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