Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Life Of Illusions…

Everyone has an opinion about how real our inherent reality is. For the majority of our lives we all act in accordance with these opinions… but everyone has, from time to time, found themselves living withinside the movies that we create in our minds. This is one of my ‘living a dream’ stories…

It was March 19, 2003 and the time was nearing 9:34pm Eastern Standard, and the world was moments away from witnessing the initial assaults of War as the United States began their campaigns against Iraq in their ‘Fight Against Terrorism’!

Joanne and I were living in Kentville, Nova Scotia and I was working a shift at the Roxy Nightclub as a DJ. There were few patrons in the bar on this evening – everyone was at home getting scared, watching the evening news programs. My boss happened by and began chatting with the brother and sister seated at the bar and the bartender – the only people in the place… and me… behind the microphone. All night my mind kept getting more and more upset with the thoughts of the multitudes of sorrow that the world will soon be seeing. I had to do something…

It was 3 ½ minutes until The War was to start. I can’t remember how I introduced the song, but moments later Serenade by The Steve Miller Band was playing…

Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up and look around you…
We’re lost in space
And the Earth is our home.

As this song continued I started to feel a swelling to burst building inside of me. I got lost in the delusion that life had to be a dream – none of this was real – cuz thousands with continued thousands couldn’t possibly be on the brink of disaster. I was getting angry cuz I couldn’t do anything about all of this planned madness and I had to unleash all of these biting emotions!

Thank humanity’s creativity for Rock’N’Roll! I was glad I was a DJ at that moment. As Serenade was fading off, I shared some insightful thoughts about War and the pain that it brings and then I talked about Rock’N’Roll!!! I talked about how songs are important in our lives as they help us to unleash ourselves in a frenzy of dance as we find pounding beats to move our feet!!! “Music can bring an end to suffering, to madness… to war. When the world is ready to hear its own voice. And ladies and gentlemen”, I chime in a bit louder, “that voice is the voice of the people! That voice is Rock’N’Roll!!!!” and then I deftly leaned over and pressed the play button for Like A Song by U2 from there 1983 War album.

The song began with a soft chorus of pounding drums – is that even possible? – and as it built up I began to slip into the song to find my release from the pain for those about to feel the strikes of the bombs. The song builds up quickly and fiercely and then Bono is singing…

Like a song I have to sing,
I sing it for you.
Like the words I have to bring,
I bring them to you.

And I start wondering… What if???? What if, out of all the millions of U2 fans, that even just a few thousand might be playing this same album or song on this very evening, during this very time, for this very reason.

And in leather, lace or chains,
We stake our claims,
Revolution once again.

And then I started thinking about all the other great ‘Rebel’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Courage’ songs that exist and thinking about each song having similar experiences with people from around the world, in response to this war of propaganda, filled with lies.

But I won’t,
I won’t wear it on my sleeve.
I can see through this expression
And you know I don’t believe.

I thought of all the combined mental energies in pursuits of these peaceful actions and then I started pretending that I was bringing them together… here in the bar.

I’m to old to be told,
Exactly who are you?
Tonight, tomorrow’s too late.

Then Larry gives the cymbals a thousand sweet kisses and Bono catches his breath to unleash…

And we love to wear a badge, a uniform,
And we love to fly a flag.

And I leave the DJ booth and walk passed the four other people in the bar, to address my newly arrived guests… with a smile and with a song. As Bono sings I bring my voice to life to ride the wave that he created…

But I won’t let others live in hell,
As we divide against each other,
And we fight amongst ourselves.

I grab the microphone, looking back to make sure that I have enough cord, and with a giant leap from the small staircase – ha! – I land in time to continue singing (with strength and purpose)…

Too set in our ways to try to rearrange,
Too right to be wrong, in this rebel song.

And then I let Bono go solo…

Let the bells ring out.

And then I leaned way far back, tilting my head to emotionally burst out, “Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhh – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as this lyric rises and falls in keys.

Then Bono continues with…

Is there nothing left?

And then I fell back into place for the next…

Is there nothing…
Is there nothing left?

And instead of singing, ‘Is honesty what you want?”, I took a step back, waved my hands in a sweeping gesture to include my imaginary dancin’ and rockin’ family and yelled without the aid of the microphone, “Is War what you really want?!!!!” And then it was time to dance and play a little air-guitar!

As the song ( neared it’s end, I brought myself back to the world that most people are used to and I climbed back into my booth to play the next tune. As I was leaving the dance floor I could hear some of the comments coming from the four at the bar. They had obviously enjoyed my little impromptu show and dance, cuz they were all smiling and the female customer says to my boss, “He thinks this bar is full of people!?” My boss replies, “With Jimi, it probably is!!!!!!”


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