Saturday, October 9, 2010

Peace is… (Definitions From Around The World) – Story II

A smile has been growing on my face, lately, every time I log on to Facebook or my Hotmail account. The reason is simple – more and more people have been sending me their definitions of ‘PEACE’ for my second global art attack! So far, so great!!!

Many of you – my readers – have come to know that from time to time I like to share my art and poetry in fun and interesting ways and just the other day I had another cool idea…

Remember how, this spring, a friend of mine (Toby) wrote to me telling me that she wanted to create buttons for the students who rode The Peacebus? And how I created another art competition so that the students had a chance to create their own designs for these buttons? Story –

Well… during the summer, Toby sent me another batch of Peacebus buttons for me to share with my newest students, this school year. Since The Peacebus is now retired cuz I’m working at another job, I’ve been wondering what I should do with these buttons. I’m wondering no longer!

I’ve decided to send one button to each participant in this global art/poetry attack. That’s right!!! One free Peacebus button to any person who writes a definition/poem for the word ‘Peace’… plus a few other surprises!

Since many of my participants have been enjoying all the artwork that has been created by the students of The Peacebus, over the last year, I thought that it would be appropriate to share these small souvenirs with the people who knew The Peacebus and what it represented!

This part of my global art attack has been kept a secret… until just now!

So far, everyone has been delighted to learn that I had this surprise waiting for them and I’m just about ready to mail off the first batch of buttons to friends from across Ontario and parts of the U.S. I’m hoping that some of my Facebook friends from China, Brazil, Australia and South Africa will send me their definitions so that I can also send them a collectable Peacebus button!

Here are the latest three poetic definitions for the word PEACE…

THANKS EVERYONE!!! I think that all of these expressions are really great!

Last weekend, I participated in a special environmental outreach event. I’ll be sharing that whole story in my next blog, but for today I just want to share my latest ‘Peace’ poem that was inspired by events from that day…

As you can see, we are all sheltering from the cold rain underneath a couple of tents and the warm apple cider sure helped to keep our spirits heated throughout this day. But, like I said, that’s my next story…


PS – If you would like to create a definition/poem for the word ‘PEACE’ for my growing collection… AND… have a special Peacebus button sent to you for your efforts and inspiration, simply send me an email – !

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