Friday, July 4, 2008

Camping Weekend


Here it is – my first blog and now I have to neglect it until next week.

Joanne and I… yes and the dog - are going away for a few nights of camping. I was told that I was very lucky cuz just before my phone call to the campground reservation line a cancellation occurred and I ended up with the last camp site of this weekend.

We are pretty lucky to live in Southern Ontario with so much camping so close by with the largest freshwater lakes in the world. This weekend we’re going to The Pinery campground – near Grand Bend. This shoreline faces directly west so sunsets are always on the agenda.

Koly is going to love it. Whenever we go anywhere he always finds the water and then he hunts rocks from the bottom and makes piles of them on shore. He even goes completely under the water some times and Joanne and I have seen him hold his breath for almost thirty seconds. He loves his rocks… but his teeth don’t. We let him have his enjoyment and then we have to distract him with a stick or a frisbee to chase. We don’t let him hunt rocks for too long.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


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