Friday, July 4, 2008

Canada Day!!!

So… this is my official first entry!!!
Yesterday was my first lesson in blogging and after a trial run I managed to get up a couple of stories that I had previously written with a few images. It was mostly cutting and pasting from the disc I bring with me to the library.

I’m a bit in the stone age. I do have a computer at home but I’m not ‘connected’ so I visit my local libraries to write emails and all that.

I’m really excited to be blogging and sharing stories. I do have a web page ( but I’ve always had someone helping me put it together and that has always cost me money… which I have little of! My webpage has seen very few updates in the last three years. But now… I’ve learned how I can still share stories – in a new way – and it doesn’t cost me anything but my time. So this is great!


Happy belated Canada Day to everyone! I hope everyone had a great day.

My wife and I had a relaxing sleep in to start the day… until… the koly guy (our dog) decided it was time that we got up to feed him. It was teas in the back garden to begin the first hour of waking up. Joanne and I didn’t say much… we were simply enjoying the warm sun and blue sky and knowing that neither of us had to work this day. It’s nice to enjoy simple pleasures.

After breakfast at 1:30 pm we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering slowly through all the parks in London until it was time to have a jug of beer. I think that the last time Joanne and I sat on a patio and had a pitcher of draft might have been last summer. It’s nice to enjoy simple pleasures.

We had just enough time to have a nice bbq with potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and peppers with a few shrimps before heading back downtown to watch the firework display. There was a small stage set up at the edge of a park overlooking the forks of the Thames River where the fireworks were to be set off. A Tragically Hip cover band was playing so it was a great way to spend the evening.

Of course there were a lots of people in the beer gardens having a drink or three and this one girl had a lot of us laughing hard. She had a handful of red maple leaf temporary tattoos and she went around to many people asking if she could put a tattoo on them. Yep! She got to me. Of course I said yes. She went to put it on my right cheek and the tattoo needs water to make it work. She had a wet j-cloth and began squeezing it onto my tattoo. All the water ran off of my chin and all over my shorts and I couldn’t move cuz she was holding my head still. I couldn’t get up for half an hour or else people would think that I wet myself. There were other casualties in the crowd too!

Before I go I am going to put a couple more entries in today’s blog…other stories from my recent past.



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