Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping Photos Are Here

Joanne and I had big plans to go strawberry picking on Saturday – that didn’t happen. About half and hour before we were going to leave a huge, black and noisy thunderstorm came to visit for the afternoon. Throughout all of our travels across Canada, Joanne and I both agree that Southern Ontario produces the best thunderstorms! The sky can be clear one minute and then the next it can be as black as night with giant forks of lightning and the loudest thunderclaps imaginable. Very impressive.


Last weekend Jo’ and I went camping at the Pinery Campground (here’s the link to their website -, but I had to wait for my photos to be developed before I could share them with you. I’ve shared stories from our first night ( ) and here’s how the rest of the weekend went by for us.

After a nice campfire cooked breakfast with tea, we hit the beach to do nothing but swim and relax.

The beach went on for miles – you can easily walk along the beach to Grand Bend, which is at least five kilometers further north. Travelling inland from the beach is a slight rise in elevation with forests surrounding all the sand dunes. I took this photo of a white pine tree cuz it reminds me of Temagami ( ).

The sun was very hot and we had to make sure that we occasionally covered up so we didn’t burn. Even Koly was smart enough to wear his hat!

Koly and I went exploring and we discovered these strange markings on the beach. From previous experience I knew that these marks were made by aliens during the night.

The last time I saw aliens was during the autumn of 2003 in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Every autumn – in the ‘valley’ of Nova Scotia – the pumpkin people emerge from the surrounding farm fields. They are a busy folk with a lot on their minds. One day I was walking home from work and I heard an awful noise that sounded very distressed. I came around the corner and I saw many pumpkin people being chased and herded into alien spacecrafts. I would have liked to help them fight the aliens but I was too busy running in the opposite direction!


After the day of swimming and more swimming Jo’ and I headed back to our campsite for an amazing meal. I always love the food that we prepare over and under the flames of the fire. It makes me feel like a cave man and I think this connection with my history helps me keep today’s world in perspective.

In the evening we ventured through the forest with our chairs and a few beers so we could watch the sunset.

We had the best seats in the house – front row!

We enjoyed the cold beers and waited and waited…

… and then it was all over in a blink of an eye.

The next day was pretty much the same – swimming, eating, laughing and having a short little break from all the responsibilities from work. We had a great time and Koly showed us how tired he was by promptly falling asleep in the back seat of the car about three minutes into the drive home.
For more information on Nova Scotia and the Pumpkin People visit:


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