Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Healing Hands - conclusion

Many a blog ago ( ) I introduced you to an art project that I was involved with this last January. Before I forget – I should finish that tale. Here is a slightly modified version of the ‘thank you’ email that I sent out soon after the completion of the art project.

would like to…
THANK YOU!!!! London, Ontario!

“Healing Hands: A Community Art Project” was successfully completed at 5:27pm, Friday, January 18, 2008! This week long art project was designed to initiate participation by the London community, by having individuals trace their handprint onto a canvas and then paint their handprint to add a small bit to a rather large image. With over 200 participants London showed overwhelming support to artist Jim Kogelheide; project co-ordinator.
“It’s been an exhilarating and exhausting week,” says Kogelheide. “The support by the community has been a truly great experience that I have been fortunate enough to share.”

A handprint by a 6 month old baby is clearly seen amongst the array of colours. Friends celebrating an 84th birthday included a handprint painting session among their plans, that day. 2 classes of students from a local school included their contributions as their art lesson for a day.
Other individuals participated because of their desire to support the London Health Science Centre.
Annele J. Robertson wrote “You provided me with a wonderful experience in the Covent Garden Market this morning! Thank you for sharing your artwork. I found the techniques you use, both of colour and textural nature most fascinating.
I followed my instinct and inner desire to help contribute to our environment in a positive way, and ended up with you for a brief moment in time at the Market.
This particular project has significant meaning for me, as I have been in and out of hospital care, and continue to be, since 2001. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour (pituitary) and have had 3 subsequent surgeries. I am still trying to recover from all of this trauma, as I live with pain daily.
HOWEVER, my reports are good, and I am able to do a lot of things for myself, and hopefully others, as best I can. The project Healing Hands is most unique. Thanks for letting me become a part of its construction."

Many children added their painted handprint because they simply love to paint. The greatest stories were of the people who had never painted until this project – they were inspired to be involved in a great idea and I am grateful for their efforts!

If inspiration “moves us brightly” then London, Ontario is a shining example for the world.

The fundraising auction will be held sometime this coming fall – rumour has it placed in November. For information about this event and the London Health Sciences Foundation check out these links:

A couple of weeks after the event the artwork was installed in the main lobby of the Foundation's office – right behind the receptionist’s desk. The office is near the intersection of Wellington and Base Line Road. The painting will hang there until the auction. Anyone is welcome to drop by for a visit.


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