Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Art For Earth – Temagami Pine #1 of 3

We had a really fun day painting, yesterday!!!!

+ + + +

Well, it had to happen sooner or later… the first snowfall of the season! Usually, the first snow barely manages to cover the ground and by noon it’s all gone. Last night, we got a little more than a thin dusting.

Neighbourhoods throughout the London area woke up to almost 6cm of thick and wet snow. Tree branches snapped under the weight of this white stuff and I imagine quite a bit of damage resulted from this. The trees that have lost all their leaves didn’t seemed too bothered by the snow, but there are many trees that still have green leaves on them and these leaves held on to many pounds of snow that bent and snapped limbs.

If these cedar trees weren’t bent over we wouldn’t be seeing the sky in this photograph.

This young tree was bent all the way over, to the ground.

+ + + +

The grade two class, at Matthews Hall was very excited to see me today. They knew that the painting would be finished this afternoon. We worked very hard and had a lot of fun as we painted.

Soon, the painting was completed!!!!

Whenever I take photographs of a group of student artists, I always like to take one or two serious photos with the students smiling…

… and one or two with the students showing how happy they are by making silly faces.

At the end of the workshop, many teachers came by to tell the students how lovely their painting is. Even the principal and vice principal dropped by and shared many smiles and words of praise for all the talent that the students were able to share with the world.

It was a great day!!!

+ + + +

Since there was – and ‘is’ as I write this – a lot of snow in my backyard when I returned home, I decided to let Koly have some fun in the snow with me. Koly loves the snow and always has. He likes playing with his ball – he’ll pick it up and throw it into the snow – then he’ll dig through the snow to find it – then he’ll roll the ball around – he’ll roll on his back on top of the ball – then it’s time to toss the ball into the snow again….

Be Peaceful


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