Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Matthews Hall – Art For Earth Begins

In February of 2007 I made a phone call that changed my life. After a minute of introduction with the receptionist, I was soon transferred to speak with the vice-head of Matthews Hall Independent School. Janet was delighted to hear of my art adventures with students from across Canada and a few days later we met to talk some more. Our next conversation had me leaving the school with a smile on my face. Janet had agreed to let me create some fun art workshops for the two grade three classes. Two weeks later “And The Band Plays On” was born.

Last school year, I was invited back to create a truly unique art program. Over the course of the year, I had worked with 26 students and each student created their own 8” x 10” canvas of the Earth, moon and sun. I had designed each of these canvases to be a frame of animation, as well, and soon our fourteen second long animation film came to life. It can now be viewed on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jimkogelheide

I am soooooo grateful that Janet has allowed me to paint with all of these students.

Yesterday was my first day painting with this year’s students. My first class was with one of two grade two classes. The students are an absolute delight. They are very polite and kind with each other – their teacher has taught them well.

Today, I began the class with a song and soon I had the students singing along. It’s always so nice for me to hear all the young voices singing a song that I wrote. I was very honoured!

Soon after, the students were divided into groups of two and we worked very hard on the canvas painting.

Near the end of the day, the canvas was close to being half done. The sun is now complete and the ocean is done.

Tomorrow we will finish the land of the Earth and the universe in the background and the third ‘Art For Earth’ painting will be done. I’m very excited. We will begin tomorrow’s workshop with my famous colouring contest. I can’t wait to see all the drawing that the students will be working on this evening.


PS – See, mom, I can write a short blog entry!!!! LOL

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